Plot Summary: Alfred and Rupert lock the MC in the dungeon, intending to keep her there until she agrees. When the hotel manager, Raymond, tries to convince her to accept one of the brothers as Harold’s heir, the MC manages to convince him to back her up against the other vampires. Raymond says that he’ll give the MC a week to find another way to open up the rose garden, fully expecting her to fail and fall in love with either Alfred or Rupert. But it is Raymond who the MC is beginning to have romantic feelings for. Unfortunately, Raymond sees to have already dedicated his life to preserving Harold’s legacy

What I think of him: Raymond is older than Alfred and Rupert and it shows in his confidence, which borders on highhandedness at time, and the calmer, more rational way of going about things. He is a very dedicated and loyal man, and is almost single-minded in his devotion to his master/friend, Harold. He can be strict, but also has a hidden passionate side. Having once been human and as Harold’s belonging, he has a unique understanding of the MC’s situation

Nickname: None

Charm point: The mole, and the way he doesn’t know he’s headed for a fall

Quote: “”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Push down, because the MC really needs to push her lead in this one

Would have eloped with:

  • Humphrey, because he’s secretly a matchmaker and always has his friend’s back

Favorite moments:

  • The way the MC refuses to give into Alfred and Rupert
  • The MC getting Raymond to give into her
  • Raymond getting steamy
  • Paying the price with Humphrey

Worst moments:

  • Raymond is a bit too stubborn and comparatively the MC is a bit to sure that she knows Raymond’s “true” feelings
  • Raymond has been agonizing about the Harold/Rosapast issue for so long, but the MC seems to break through his issues fairly quickly (especially considering that Humphrey has been trying for so long to no affect)

Worth the price of admission?: Although Raymond has his steamy scenes, he’s much less aggressive that the other vampires – which is a plus for me, and I enjoyed him more than the other vampires (I like guys who are agonizing over something but don’t fall to whining), but I didn’t find his route to be anything eye boggling, even though I enjoyed it.

Notable substories:

Recommended routes:


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