Zhuge Kongming


Plot Summary: The MC finds herself in the middle of a forest and is saved from some bandits by the handsome, Kongming. Kongming escorts the MC to a village, but she begs to stay with him. Kongming decides that she may, as long as she becomes his follower. The MC has a feeling that she will be able to find a way home so long as she sticks by her savior. Little does she know that Kongming is the brilliant, and doomed, strategist of Shu

What I think of him: Kongming looks has a beautiful, courtly man, but he has a sharp mind. He loves his country and his leader, but he tends to put the people around him through the wringer with his machinations. He’s an aggressive man, especially sexually in regards to the MC, but he also takes the time to teach those around him to improve

Nickname: Fulong, Liang Shokatsu

Charm point: His pretty face

Quote: “You have been like the stars to me… I knew nothing but war, and yet you showed me happiness and trust. And right from the first day we met… You have shone brighter than any star I had ever seen.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Go to bed with him

Would have eloped with:

  • Zhou Gongjin, because of how he developed a crush on the MC and wants to keep her
  • Cao Zihuan, because of the last time Kongming and the MC see him

Favorite moments:

  • That the MC is the one to come up with the arrow idea
  • The MC not letting Kongming run away for his final battle and also not leaving his side until he makes a promise to her
  • How the MC presses Kongming to be truthful, especially when she is trying to get him to return to Shu
  • The Happy Ending is cute

Worst moments:

  • Kongming is a little hard to read and at times I had to wonder if he actually loves the MC or if he just wants to posses her
  • How Kongming sexually assaults the MC, several times, and is so verbally abusive towards her in an attempt to get her to leave

Worth the price of admission?: Aesthetically Kongming was the one I was looking forward to the most in My Romantic Three Kingdoms, but his route ended up being my least favorite. Sure Kongming has his moments, and it’s also true that the MC is super strong and is really active in the story, but Kongming tends to slip into an abusive man. Sometimes he’ll be fine, but then he’ll flip and sexually  or verbally assault the MC, and she doesn’t really do anything but put up with him. The other characters try to explain why Kongming acts the way he does, but just because there is a reason doesn’t make it any more pleasant

Recommended routes:


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