Plot Summary: The MC picks Billy as her bodyguard and regrets it since Billy immediately begins hitting on her. Billy swears to protect her and to bring her father home, but the MC doesn’t know if she will survive living with Billy and his quirks long enough to reunite with her father

What I think of him: Billy is basically an American cowboy stereotype: he’s got the hat, the fringe, and twirls his six-shooter. He’s a bit of a show off and a drama king, but he has the talent to back it up. Billy has x-ray vision (they call him clairvoyant, but he isn’t from what I’ve seen), and pairs it his ability with his uncanny sharpshooting skills. Billy lost his family when he was seven and was raised by his grandparents in Texas, but since he also lost his memories, he’s not really traumatized by the past. He’s got an optimistic look on life and even during the rare occasion that he fails to meet his goals, he is quick to brush himself off and move forward. Even though Billy is a huge flirt, can’t seem to keep his clothes on and his hands to himself, and does more than his fair share of sleeping around, he actually sees himself as a dirty person who has no chance of finding real love

Nickname: None

Charm point: He’s just so flamboyant that you just have to smile

Quote: “Once I start touching you… I don’t know if I can stop.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down:

Would have eloped with:

  • Soh, because he seems to have a crush on the MC

Favorite moments:

  • How the MC resigns herself to Billy’s nudity habit
  • The MC walking in on Billy in the shower and the escalation following
  • Billy comforting the MC when she find out about her true heritage
  • Billy finally accepting the MC’s feelings for him
  • The Sweet Ending: The MC’s Father and Billy getting over excited about the wedding, Soh and Hayate teasing Billy, the wedding night, just everything (the Happy Ending is cute too, but the SE takes the cake)

Worst moments:

  • There are several noticable typos in this route, more than the other two for this game
  • Billy “giggling” several times
  • I think I know the point where Billy decides to stop hitting on the MC, but it doesn’t match up the when he actually stops doing so

Worth the price of admission?: Even though Billy’s route has it’s trying moments with the whole you’re-like-a-sister-to-me-so-we-can’t-be-together stuff, his route is probably the most enjoyable in Hero in Love, probably because it is the only one that plays with how silly the whole situation is. Even though Billy route has the most typos, his route is also probably the best written in the game. For example, in the other routes, you get told that Professor Bito and the B Team have a different philosophy from the A Team, but Billy’s is the only route where you actually see how that difference plays out. Billy’s route is mostly fun and full of wtf moments, and his too cute face will just suck you in to moving at his pace. If you’re interested in playing Hero in Love, then Billy’s route is probably where you should invest your money


Recommended routes:


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