Hayate Shiranui


Plot Summary: The MC makes eye contact with Hayate and ends up as his charge. The MC finds the patronizing way that Hayate treats her offensive, but feels drawn to him as he continues to comfort her. When the police orders the A Team to give up the search for the MC’s father, Hayate, a professional private detective, promises that he will find her father. But just when things seem to be improving, Hayate says that he is fed up with the MC and no longer wants anything to do with her

What I think of him: Hayate is very cat-like and likes doing things his way or not at all. He dislikes unneccessary actions, but because of his inner soft he ends up involved in a lot of things. He is very stubborn, and doesn’t like to admit to his mistakes and almost never apologizes. His job as a private detective has given his excessive exposure to the bad side of humanity and has made him very jaded to the point that he thinks of all people as liars. Hayate is descended from a long line of ninja and his power is teleportation, and he can teleport anywhere within an 100 meter range. He can move further by making multiple small jumps but doing so tires him out quickly

Nickname: Mr. Hayate

Charm point: Has a huge soft spot for kids

Quote: “It’s because I want to protect those I love… Will you let me protect you?”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Stargaze from a rooftop or even from the top of a tree

Would have eloped with:

  • Billy, because he tries to cheer the MC up and is so worried about her

Favorite moments:

  • Hayate’s sneaking in through the MC’s window to apologize to her for the first time
  • Hayate taking the MC up into the tree while everyone’s camping out on the island
  • Hayate freaking out when he thinks the MC overheard his conversation with the cats on Professor Bito’s estate
  • The MC sneaking out to try to recover her memories and Hayate going to pick her up
  • The MC deciding she’s going to

Worst moments:

  • Hayate’s terrible follow up to taking the MC’s first kiss
  • Hayate’s hot-and-coldness is a little too strong and random
  • Still with the prayer and just believe power

Worth the price of admission?:  Hayate was the last of the guys released for Hero in Love, and since the Japanese stereotype and American stereotype were taken care of I was hoping for some cultural fusion. And I guess I got what I wanted? Hayate sides more on the Japanese side seeing as he’s a ninja, but he also wears a suit and is a detective, so he doesn’t affiliate as strongly as Soh. While Hayate does live up to his portrayal from the other routes, he didn’t really live up to the anticipation I built up waiting for him. The beginning and end of the route are good, but the middle bit with Hayate pushing the MC away is a little trying. When the MC realizes how being with Hayate always ends with her hurt but that she is falling for him, and it hurt. Still things turned out well after Hayate hurriedly spouts out his backstory and makes up with the MC.

Overall Hayate has some good moments, but this route is nothing special


Recommended routes:


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