Soh Hanamiya


Plot Summary: The MC chooses Soh as her guard, and although he looks displeased Soh agrees to watch over her. The first thing Soh tells the MC is that she has no powers and should therefore stay out of the way. Soh’s peculiarities distract the MC for a short while, but the reality of her missing father comes crashing down on her, Soh’s small acts of kindness draw the MC closer and closer to her bodyguard

What I think of him: Soh is businesslike and cool. He keeps a stone face and is quick to hand out cutting comments. He was born into an old samurai lineage and is very traditional, to the point that he only eats Japanese food even if he has to season the food himself. He’s a professional calligrapher and possesses a certain grace and dignity. Soh’s pretty stubborn and tends to stick to his opinions and impressions. His decisiveness and sense of responsibility and duty is probably the reason he is the leader of the A Team. Soh’s actually pretty tsundere since his sweet side occasionally comes out, accompanied by a shy blush. He also gets pretty territorial and is always quick to shoot the other guys down. Soh’s power is telepathy, which he can also use to read minds, although he has a tight control over his abilities since childhood

Nickname: None

Charm point: He carries around travel-size containers of wasabi and soy sauce (the taste of Japan according to Soh) around to season his own food if he needs to

Quote: “You’re… the only one who’s been able to stir me. I’ve never felt like this before.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Hug, with his surprisingly strong body as a comfort

Would have eloped with:

  • Billy, because he flirts with the MC so much and he also takes pains to cheer her up
  • Hayate, because of his sass and snark

Favorite moments:

  • Soh trying to wake the MC on the first morning in New York
  • The way the MC refers to the B Team before she knows their names
  • Soh telling the MC to wait behind while the teams infiltrate the Laika base, and the MC wearing him down until he says she can come with
  • Basically the entire Ninth Chapter
  • The Happy Ending, which I found to be more entertaining and sweet than the Sweet Ending (which is basically an epilogue for the HE)

Worst moments:

  • How does the MC think that the sword on Hanamiya’s back is a brush? Do he use a brush that big? How did he get that past airport security, especially since everyone is on high alert for terrorist (not that the airport security actually caught the terrorist or anything)
  • Typos. Is is Laika or Raika, Babylom, Babiloms or Babylum?
  • “Pray for peace”… really…

Worth the price of admission?: Soh is pretty much a Japanese stereotype so if you’re a Japanophile then you might really love him. Although Soh’s cute when he’s being honest, there wasn’t enough other aspects to this route to make up for his standoffish nature for me (there’s not even any of Solmare’s notorious almost dirty parts in this chapter to look forward to). I didn’t dread replaying this route, but it’s not something I get the urge to replay


Recommended routes:


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