Joel Crawford


Plot Summary: Soon after arriving at the Academy of her dreams, the MC meets Joel and when their pendants light up she discovers that they are buddies. But not only does the MC discover that she is only a provisional student, but that Joel has mysteriously lost his magic, a unique type that is sung instead of preformed with incantations and a wand, and if he doesn’t get his magic back he will be expelled from the Academy. Joel reminds the MC of fuzzy memories she has of a girl friend she had a a child and she really wants to help him regain his magic. Then she rescues an amnesiac fairy and is told she can have one wish granted

What I think of him: Joel is very blunt and always says what is on his mind even though it frequently causes people to get angry with him. He is serious about things he cares about, but is pretty ambivalent about things that he doesn’t. He cares deeply about his first love and is waiting for her since they promised to attend the Academy together. He really wants to be stronger to protect the one he loves. He seems familiar to the MC and seems to know a little about her. He is a great singer, and is very popular but isn’t particularly close to any of the other students

Nickname: None

Charm point: He puts the one he loves above anything else, even above getting his own powers back

Quote: “Even if you couldn’t remember the promise we made, seeing you as enough for me. I was happy just to meet you again.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Listen to him sing

Would have eloped with:

  • Randy, because he is always around and helpful when you need him
  • Elias, because he worries about the MC and sticks up for her.

Favorite moments:

  • Joel and Eress’s arguments
  • When the MC puts pressure on Joel and causes him to backpedal as she advances
  • The stuff with the MC’s lullaby is cute, especially in the Happy Ending
  • The MC getting to be mouthy because of Joel’s personality
  • The MC isn’t incompetent with her magic and is actually good with her tarot cards

Worst moments:

  • The stuff about the rumor is pretty much pointless (unless it has to do with the endings I haven’t read yet)
  • I feel like the route was just as much about Eress as Joel, and I wanted more Joel
  • All the stuff with the fairies felt out of place considering everything I know about the world from the other routes, especially regarding the fairies stealing the magic of young spellsingers. The Fairy King’s character seemed a little confused too since he was really understanding when Joel and the MC confront him, but then gets unexpectedly tricked right at the end (the problem which is solved a little conveniently by the MC)

Worth the price of admission?: When the teasers for Joel was released, Solmare was really playing up the spellsinger aspect so I was really expecting a very different route. It’s nice to be surprised and I don’t have too many complaints about the route (or at least not any deal breaking ones), but this route was kind of meh once you figure out the stuff about June and Joel. The general relationship between these two is fairly easy to guess but the specific details were what was driving me forward for a good chunk of the route. The trouble with this route is that the other most interesting aspects of Joel’s character, his spellsinging, is blocked off by nature of the plot and that makes him less interesting that he could have been. My overall opinion? Joel’s route is good. It could have been way better, but it could have also been worse.

Notable substories: Haven’t read any

Recommended routes:


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