Plot Summary: The MC’s crystal leads her to Evans, and she becomes the Prayer Maiden of Sapphirus. Sapphirus is currently the most prosperous of the kingdoms, and the MC worries about becomes a Princess elegant enough to rule it. However, Sapphirus isn’t all beauty and polish. Beyond the elegance of the capital is the poverty of the countryside and class stratification is rampant. Evans is determined to improve the kingdom’s situation and the MC wants to help him. But when she begins have feelings for Evans that threatens to drive her crystal out of control and destroy her new kingdom

What I think of him: Evans is a flirt and appears flighty. He’s also a little aloof and is anything but direct; he’s not a liar neccessarily, but he also frequently doesn’t speak the truth. He’s charming and polished, and he makes a great statesman. Evans is an excellent marksman and has a wide field of vision that gives his great awareness on the battlefield. Although Evans is a great fighter, he is more of a scholarly type and he has written several thesis on minerals

Nickname: None

Charm point: He’s a mineral fanboy

Quote: “I loved you then, and I love you now. And now I can finally say it without being afraid of losing you.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Have tea together, his favorite tea with an abundance of yummy desserts

Would have eloped with:

  • Christopher, because he tries to help out even though he’s so awkward

Favorite moments:

  • Evans’s weird stone collection
  • The MC and Evans’s argument about the role of Knights
  • How Tiara obviously ships the MC and Evans, and how she keeps telling the MC that she’s on her side
  • The MC’s struggle over her feelings and wanting to protect Sapphirus
  • When Evans finds the MC in the hollow (and she says she wants to yell at him)

Worst moments:

  • Evans is pretty cruel, and he knows that he’s being that way but can’t seem to help himself
  • Evans looks weird in some of his CGs

Worth the price of admission?: Liam might seem like a frivilous playboy, but his route hits pretty hard emotionally, and I really like that. In Matthew’s route the MC comments that people can’t help it when they’re in love, but the other guys do a pretty good job of pushing the MC away. Not so with Evans and you can see him struggling with wanting to be with the MC and also wanting to save her by pushing her away; I hate it and at the same time I love it. The political stuff was interesting, but it didn’t really come into play beyond being a reason for some things, but I wish it had been more in the background or more important to the plot (my vote) since the MC seems to have learned some political ability.

If you want a lighthearted and flirty route, this is not what you are looking for, otherwise with Evans you will find a route about a couple who are deeply and painfully in love

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): Haven’t read anything yet

Notable substories: Haven’t read anything yet

Recommended routes:


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