Shall We Date: War of Prayers

war of prayers

Company: Solmare

Cost: Paid

Synopsis: The MC is living a normal life in the Kingdom of Granatus and one day a hollow opens and shadows attack the town. She is saved by a black clad knight, but the hollow fails to close, and she is saved again by her country’s own knight, Matthew. Matthew tells the MC that she has the ability to become a Prayer Maiden, who use their benevolence and magic to protect and rule one of the (now) four island kingdoms, and who are paired with a knight to help them transform and fight. Matthew takes the MC to Sanctus where the leader of the Prayer Maidens and Knights, Master Troy, lives. The MC agrees to accept a crystal and become a Prayer Maiden, and Master Troy tells her to let her instinct lead her to the knight meant to protect her. The one catch: a Prayer Maiden must not fall in love, lest her crystal go out of control and cause her death

MC: The MC is a waitress at a cafe in Granatus and is well known about town for her cherry pie. She is cheerful, kind, and friendly. She admires the Princess who rules her kingdom and the knight who protects her. She doesn’t think of herself as anything out of the ordinary but willingly rises to the occasion when she is asked to become a Prayer Maiden. She may not be the most refined person, but she works hard to overcome her flaws and be a worthy Prayer Maiden. She may not be the most clever, but she has good intuition which helps her grasp her duties more easily. She is pretty aware of her own limitations and shortcomings but also has the determination to do what she believes is right no matter what the consequence for herself might be


  • Christopher: A mysterious dark knight who resembles Matthew but is much colder. He kills shadows as though possessed by a mission and is connected to the tragedy and ruin of Nox. When paired with him, the MC gains the power of shadows
  • Evans: The frivolous knight of Saphhirus. He is flirtatious and surprisingly knowledgeable about rocks and minerals. When paired with Evans, the MC gains lightning powers
  • Liam: The magical tailor on Sanctus who makes the outfits for all the Prayer Maidens. He is in turn friendly and cold, and somehow is is able to defeat shadows like a knight. When pairing with Liam, the MC gains the power of darkness and her crystal becomes dark like the cursed Princess of Nox’s
  • Matthew: The perfect, chivalrous knight of Granatus. He’s a hard worker and the though of special training lights a spark in his eyes. When pairing with Matthew, the MC gains the power of fire

Impressions: This game was announced only shortly before it was released, but just from the images and descriptions I know it was going to be more of my favorite part of Solmare (the fantasy and sparkle side). The story itself has a lot of basic magical girl elements but the Prayer Maiden system is different and a little stranger every time I think about it. The Prayer Maidens and the MC are strong fighters themselves and kick as much butt as the Knights. The stories themselves are well written for the most part and there are so many gorgeous and interesting descriptions. I found the Prayer Maiden Endings to be the best out of the endings (although I also really loved Liams Forever Darkness Ending). I even enjoyed the descriptions of the MC’s transformation, although that got a little repetitive throughout the course of a route.

The art is gorgeous and although the character designs aren’t quite as interesting as Destiny Ninja 2+, they are still awesome. My one complaint being that the MC’s outfit doesn’t change with her element (which I can  understand) and neither does her crystal (which is distracting when it is being described differently from how it looks); this issue carries over in the CGs, or at least it does in Liam’s route. Some of the backgrounds are reused from Niflheim, but it is not so much that it bothered me.

My main complaints with this game are with the mechanics. You only get three save point, but there are four love interests and eight happy endings. And the save slots wouldn’t even be an issue if you could just skip to the endings that you’ve already gotten; which is what I really, really want for this game since it is hard enough getting the endings you want. If I don’t frequently replay this game, these reasons will be the reasons why and not the mild irritants like the “Premium Episode” title cards (why?) or the fact that you can’t tell how your choices affect the crystals deciding what ending you get until the very end of the chapter (annoying).

One last thing I find sad is that the MC doesn’t really have an fighting style of her own most of the time. It’s true that she is adapting to her Knight’s fighting style in each route, but, in Evans’s route for example, the way she fights is the same as how Zoe fights with Evans in the other routes.

Still, despite my whining, this is another interesting and enjoyable game from Solmare.

Here is a link to my partial WALKTHROUGH for this game.

Favorite Guy: Christopher

Favorite Route: Liam

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