Plot Summary: The MC’s doesn’t feel a connection to any knight and none of the other Prayer Maidens’ Crystals are waning so Master Troy has her stay on Sanctus with Liam to train and watch over her. When a hollow opens in Sanctus everyone is surprised when Liam is able to draw out the MC’s wand from her crystal. The MC’s Crystal is dark, and the similarity to the “cursed” Crystal possessed by the deceased Princess of Nox brings the MC uncomfortable scrutiny. Liam doesn’t seem perturbed by the MC’s power over darkness, but the MC can’t help but notice that he looks sad when he sees her Crystal

What I think of him: Liam is the most skilled suturomancer in Sanctus and possible all of the kingdoms. His skills are high valued, making him an extremely busy man who works late into the night, but he still manages to make time to preform magic for children. Liam is not really a good or outwardly kind person (though he can be gentle at times), but he has goodness in him. He’s a very conflicted and frequently expresses two opposing emotions at once (most frequently happy and sad). The MC describes him as unbalanced,”the kind of unbalance that comes from hiding your feelings, getting used to it, and letting it twist you”. He is a very fragile character, but stubbornly clings to his path without the hope of happiness or rescue. He doesn’t mind doing whatever he needs to to achieve his goals, and is easily disgusted by uselessness

Nickname: None

Charm point: He has an adorable addiction to pot-au-few

Quote: “You don’t belong to any kingdom or any citizens. You’re my maiden alone… I’ll Love you all my life, I promise.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Receive a handwritten note from him, revealing his true feelings

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments:

  • When the MC tries to lure the shadows away from the townspeople because she can’t do anything else, but she knows she has to do something, and Liam gives her a softer look because of it. Such a great moment
  • Liam taking the MC up above the cathedral and talking to her about her crystal
  • The interaction with the other prayer maidens
  • The MC and Liam’s hearts “becoming one” because they both want a prize for the wife carrying race, and Mamoru and Sora’s ensuing hijinks
  • The MC deciding to take Liam down in order to bring him home

Worst moments:

  • I can’t put my finger on what it is exactly, but ther is just something off about Liam’s sprite. Maybe it’s the way his hair makes the top of his head flat or maybe he’s just a little too tilted. If I went purely on looks I probably wouldn’t have played this route, which would have been a shame
  • How the MC keeps saying she isn’t going to run off but continuously does so, especially since Liam’s opinion about promises is emphasized so much

Worth the price of admission?: This route is so good. There are a couple of typos, but there are so many beautiful moments. The writer(s) for this route did such a great job in choosing the crucial points of Liam’s character and pitting those against the events in the route (most especially the handling the Anabel and Christopher situation as a comparison/warning for the MC and Liam’s situation). I can’t really say much else, except that the way the MC is written for this route is a really great compliment for Liam’s character and I always enjoy seeing pairings where both parties provide something for the other and you can tell that they both need each other rather than one half obviously needing the other more. Additionally the Darkness Forever Ending is so beautiful and sad, and it is totally worth playing even without a CG

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): Haven’t read anything yet

Notable substories: Haven’t read any yet

Recommended routes:


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