Zhuge Kongming


Plot Summary: The MC finds herself in the middle of a forest and is saved from some bandits by the handsome, Kongming. Kongming escorts the MC to a village, but she begs to stay with him. Kongming decides that she may, as long as she becomes his follower. The MC has a feeling that she will be able to find a way home so long as she sticks by her savior. Little does she know that Kongming is the brilliant, and doomed, strategist of Shu

What I think of him: Kongming looks has a beautiful, courtly man, but he has a sharp mind. He loves his country and his leader, but he tends to put the people around him through the wringer with his machinations. He’s an aggressive man, especially sexually in regards to the MC, but he also takes the time to teach those around him to improve

Nickname: Fulong, Liang Shokatsu

Charm point: His pretty face

Quote: “You have been like the stars to me… I knew nothing but war, and yet you showed me happiness and trust. And right from the first day we met… You have shone brighter than any star I had ever seen.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Go to bed with him

Would have eloped with:

  • Zhou Gongjin, because of how he developed a crush on the MC and wants to keep her
  • Cao Zihuan, because of the last time Kongming and the MC see him

Favorite moments:

  • That the MC is the one to come up with the arrow idea
  • The MC not letting Kongming run away for his final battle and also not leaving his side until he makes a promise to her
  • How the MC presses Kongming to be truthful, especially when she is trying to get him to return to Shu
  • The Happy Ending is cute

Worst moments:

  • Kongming is a little hard to read and at times I had to wonder if he actually loves the MC or if he just wants to posses her
  • How Kongming sexually assaults the MC, several times, and is so verbally abusive towards her in an attempt to get her to leave

Worth the price of admission?: Aesthetically Kongming was the one I was looking forward to the most in My Romantic Three Kingdoms, but his route ended up being my least favorite. Sure Kongming has his moments, and it’s also true that the MC is super strong and is really active in the story, but Kongming tends to slip into an abusive man. Sometimes he’ll be fine, but then he’ll flip and sexually  or verbally assault the MC, and she doesn’t really do anything but put up with him. The other characters try to explain why Kongming acts the way he does, but just because there is a reason doesn’t make it any more pleasant

Recommended routes:




Plot Summary: The MC picks Billy as her bodyguard and regrets it since Billy immediately begins hitting on her. Billy swears to protect her and to bring her father home, but the MC doesn’t know if she will survive living with Billy and his quirks long enough to reunite with her father

What I think of him: Billy is basically an American cowboy stereotype: he’s got the hat, the fringe, and twirls his six-shooter. He’s a bit of a show off and a drama king, but he has the talent to back it up. Billy has x-ray vision (they call him clairvoyant, but he isn’t from what I’ve seen), and pairs it his ability with his uncanny sharpshooting skills. Billy lost his family when he was seven and was raised by his grandparents in Texas, but since he also lost his memories, he’s not really traumatized by the past. He’s got an optimistic look on life and even during the rare occasion that he fails to meet his goals, he is quick to brush himself off and move forward. Even though Billy is a huge flirt, can’t seem to keep his clothes on and his hands to himself, and does more than his fair share of sleeping around, he actually sees himself as a dirty person who has no chance of finding real love

Nickname: None

Charm point: He’s just so flamboyant that you just have to smile

Quote: “Once I start touching you… I don’t know if I can stop.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down:

Would have eloped with:

  • Soh, because he seems to have a crush on the MC

Favorite moments:

  • How the MC resigns herself to Billy’s nudity habit
  • The MC walking in on Billy in the shower and the escalation following
  • Billy comforting the MC when she find out about her true heritage
  • Billy finally accepting the MC’s feelings for him
  • The Sweet Ending: The MC’s Father and Billy getting over excited about the wedding, Soh and Hayate teasing Billy, the wedding night, just everything (the Happy Ending is cute too, but the SE takes the cake)

Worst moments:

  • There are several noticable typos in this route, more than the other two for this game
  • Billy “giggling” several times
  • I think I know the point where Billy decides to stop hitting on the MC, but it doesn’t match up the when he actually stops doing so

Worth the price of admission?: Even though Billy’s route has it’s trying moments with the whole you’re-like-a-sister-to-me-so-we-can’t-be-together stuff, his route is probably the most enjoyable in Hero in Love, probably because it is the only one that plays with how silly the whole situation is. Even though Billy route has the most typos, his route is also probably the best written in the game. For example, in the other routes, you get told that Professor Bito and the B Team have a different philosophy from the A Team, but Billy’s is the only route where you actually see how that difference plays out. Billy’s route is mostly fun and full of wtf moments, and his too cute face will just suck you in to moving at his pace. If you’re interested in playing Hero in Love, then Billy’s route is probably where you should invest your money


Recommended routes:

Hayate Shiranui


Plot Summary: The MC makes eye contact with Hayate and ends up as his charge. The MC finds the patronizing way that Hayate treats her offensive, but feels drawn to him as he continues to comfort her. When the police orders the A Team to give up the search for the MC’s father, Hayate, a professional private detective, promises that he will find her father. But just when things seem to be improving, Hayate says that he is fed up with the MC and no longer wants anything to do with her

What I think of him: Hayate is very cat-like and likes doing things his way or not at all. He dislikes unneccessary actions, but because of his inner soft he ends up involved in a lot of things. He is very stubborn, and doesn’t like to admit to his mistakes and almost never apologizes. His job as a private detective has given his excessive exposure to the bad side of humanity and has made him very jaded to the point that he thinks of all people as liars. Hayate is descended from a long line of ninja and his power is teleportation, and he can teleport anywhere within an 100 meter range. He can move further by making multiple small jumps but doing so tires him out quickly

Nickname: Mr. Hayate

Charm point: Has a huge soft spot for kids

Quote: “It’s because I want to protect those I love… Will you let me protect you?”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Stargaze from a rooftop or even from the top of a tree

Would have eloped with:

  • Billy, because he tries to cheer the MC up and is so worried about her

Favorite moments:

  • Hayate’s sneaking in through the MC’s window to apologize to her for the first time
  • Hayate taking the MC up into the tree while everyone’s camping out on the island
  • Hayate freaking out when he thinks the MC overheard his conversation with the cats on Professor Bito’s estate
  • The MC sneaking out to try to recover her memories and Hayate going to pick her up
  • The MC deciding she’s going to

Worst moments:

  • Hayate’s terrible follow up to taking the MC’s first kiss
  • Hayate’s hot-and-coldness is a little too strong and random
  • Still with the prayer and just believe power

Worth the price of admission?:  Hayate was the last of the guys released for Hero in Love, and since the Japanese stereotype and American stereotype were taken care of I was hoping for some cultural fusion. And I guess I got what I wanted? Hayate sides more on the Japanese side seeing as he’s a ninja, but he also wears a suit and is a detective, so he doesn’t affiliate as strongly as Soh. While Hayate does live up to his portrayal from the other routes, he didn’t really live up to the anticipation I built up waiting for him. The beginning and end of the route are good, but the middle bit with Hayate pushing the MC away is a little trying. When the MC realizes how being with Hayate always ends with her hurt but that she is falling for him, and it hurt. Still things turned out well after Hayate hurriedly spouts out his backstory and makes up with the MC.

Overall Hayate has some good moments, but this route is nothing special


Recommended routes:

Soh Hanamiya


Plot Summary: The MC chooses Soh as her guard, and although he looks displeased Soh agrees to watch over her. The first thing Soh tells the MC is that she has no powers and should therefore stay out of the way. Soh’s peculiarities distract the MC for a short while, but the reality of her missing father comes crashing down on her, Soh’s small acts of kindness draw the MC closer and closer to her bodyguard

What I think of him: Soh is businesslike and cool. He keeps a stone face and is quick to hand out cutting comments. He was born into an old samurai lineage and is very traditional, to the point that he only eats Japanese food even if he has to season the food himself. He’s a professional calligrapher and possesses a certain grace and dignity. Soh’s pretty stubborn and tends to stick to his opinions and impressions. His decisiveness and sense of responsibility and duty is probably the reason he is the leader of the A Team. Soh’s actually pretty tsundere since his sweet side occasionally comes out, accompanied by a shy blush. He also gets pretty territorial and is always quick to shoot the other guys down. Soh’s power is telepathy, which he can also use to read minds, although he has a tight control over his abilities since childhood

Nickname: None

Charm point: He carries around travel-size containers of wasabi and soy sauce (the taste of Japan according to Soh) around to season his own food if he needs to

Quote: “You’re… the only one who’s been able to stir me. I’ve never felt like this before.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Hug, with his surprisingly strong body as a comfort

Would have eloped with:

  • Billy, because he flirts with the MC so much and he also takes pains to cheer her up
  • Hayate, because of his sass and snark

Favorite moments:

  • Soh trying to wake the MC on the first morning in New York
  • The way the MC refers to the B Team before she knows their names
  • Soh telling the MC to wait behind while the teams infiltrate the Laika base, and the MC wearing him down until he says she can come with
  • Basically the entire Ninth Chapter
  • The Happy Ending, which I found to be more entertaining and sweet than the Sweet Ending (which is basically an epilogue for the HE)

Worst moments:

  • How does the MC think that the sword on Hanamiya’s back is a brush? Do he use a brush that big? How did he get that past airport security, especially since everyone is on high alert for terrorist (not that the airport security actually caught the terrorist or anything)
  • Typos. Is is Laika or Raika, Babylom, Babiloms or Babylum?
  • “Pray for peace”… really…

Worth the price of admission?: Soh is pretty much a Japanese stereotype so if you’re a Japanophile then you might really love him. Although Soh’s cute when he’s being honest, there wasn’t enough other aspects to this route to make up for his standoffish nature for me (there’s not even any of Solmare’s notorious almost dirty parts in this chapter to look forward to). I didn’t dread replaying this route, but it’s not something I get the urge to replay


Recommended routes:



Plot Summary: When asked to name her Knight, the MC’s instinct doesn’t lead her to anyone in particular. She takes a walk on the beach, and suddenly a hollow opens up. Matthew comes to her aid and manages to draw out her Crystal. After the fight the MC discovers that the Knight is not Matthew at all but his elder twin, Christopher. Christopher does not want a Prayer Maiden and only grudgingly decides to partner with the MC. The MC is drawn to Matthew, the mystery around him, and the obsessive way he defeats the shadows, and she is determined to form some kind of partnership with him, no matter how hard he resists her

What I think of him: Christopher is a lone wolf, and could either be said to be the best Knight or the worst Knight, depending on who you ask. He is a mysterious black clad figure who goes around slaying shadows. Although he preforms this Knightly service, he is also very much not a Knight because he puts slaying shadows above everything, including the protection of innocent bystanders. Unlike his brother, Matthew, who built his fighting style around defense, Christopher’s motto is that a defeated opponent cannot attack. That is not to say that Christopher is completely cold, because he does have a softer side, and when faced with pleading he usually gives in despite his major stubborn streak. Sora says of Christopher that “his biggest problem is that he’s too calm and composed. He even analyzes his feelings objectively”. If I were to pick a single word to describe Christopher it would be “devoted”

Nickname: None

Charm point: The way he can’t help but give in to the MC

Quote: “I want to be with you more than anyone.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Receive a pat on the head from, because his hand is warm and it is much more likely than a straightforward compliment

Would have eloped with:

  • Liam, because for all his misplaced angst he still orders the MC to return home safely
  • Matthew, because of the admiration her has for his brother and his adorable (nagging) prissiness

Favorite moments:

  • The MC bossing Christopher around and trying to get him to do what she wants
  • That painful moment when the MC admits that she’s not Christopher’s Princess in Chapter Six and up to Christopher swearing an oath to protect her
  • The MC coming up with the idea of how to rescue Zoe, and Christopher’s execution of it
  • The scenario ensuing from the MC trying on the dress Liam makes for her
  • The Prayer Maiden Ending

Worst moments:

  • Dramatic Troy is DRAMATIC. Did the story need to go as far as it did to raise the stakes? Isn’t the love triangle enough? (It’s a rhetorical question, because yes, yes it is)
  • Anabel was amazingly easy to snap out of her evilness
  • The Alone Together Ending didn’t feel very satisfying

Worth the price of admission?: Even though Christopher is the poster boy for this game his was the route I was looking forward to the least, mostly because I hate ex-girlfriend routes. But I actually really enjoyed this route. Christopher doesn’t really obsess over his love, and it is really apparent that his obsession is also linked heavily with his knightly nature. This route felt very different from the other routes in this game, probably due to the information that is kept secret from the MC and the other Prayer Maidens and also because Christopher and the MC travel by horse and there is a greater sense of time passing as they travel through all the kingdoms and meet each Prayer Maiden and Knight duo separately. This route is probably the best introduction route for this game, especially considering that all the other routes sort of hang off of Christopher’s past

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): Haven’t read any yet

Notable substories: Haven’t read any yet

Recommended routes: