Shall We Date: War of Prayers -WALKTHROUGH- In Progress

war of prayers

For best effects stick to one path per chapter. At times you can increase both crystals in one chapter, but sometimes it doesn’t work

You can keep them level to about Chapter 7, make a save file, and then branch onto either path to fill one crystal.


Chapter 1

  • Let’s Go then! (+Prayer Maiden)
  • Please… (+Alone Together)
  • Back me up, Sora.
  • That’s alright then… (+Prayer Maiden)
  • Really? (+Alone Together)
  • Don’t Say thing.

Chapter 2 – NOTE: As far as I could tell this chapter didn’t matter.

  • It’s not a matter of ability.
  • You are someone who can cope, Matthew.
  • That’s not true.

Chapter 3

  • Call out to him! (+Alone Together)
  • It’s too embarrassing. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • You go, Sora.
  • It’s too dangerous. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • It’s an important public duty, isn’t it? (+Alone Together)
  • It doesn’t matter in Granatus.

Chapter 4

  • Right now we need to defend. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • I know he’ll tell me eventually.
  • I want to know… (+Alone Together)
  • I will protect you. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • I have your back.  (+Alone Together)
  • Concentrate on the fight at hand.

Chapter 5

  • Please don’t try to deal with things all on your own. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • Don’t you trust me?
  • Please trust me, as your princess. (+Alone Together)
  • If we fight we’re going to lose. (+Alone Together)
  • I’m not being soft.
  • The shadows are our enemy. (+Prayer Maiden)

Chapter 6

  • You did the right thing, Matthew. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • Let’s go together.
  • Look at me. (+Alone Together)

Chapter 7

  • Love belongs to two people. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • Christopher was at fault. (+Alone Together)
  • They couldn’t have helped it.
  • Apologize
  • Speak your mind. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • Check with Sora. (+Alone Together)

Chapter 8

  • Am I not good enough to be a princess? (+Prayer Maiden)
  • Do you not trust me?
  • Tell me why! (+Alone Together)
  • I am sad. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • I am upset. (+Alone Together)
  • It’s nothing.

Chapter 9

  • That is for the best.
  • I am fine. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • I’m glad it doesn’t affect you. (+Alone Together)

Chapter 10

  • Don’t take your frustrations out on me. (+Alone Together)
  • I still want to save you. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • Ignore her.
  • If it means saving Matthew. (+Alone Together)
  • There must be a way to save both of us. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • I don’t want to die.

Chapter 11

  • I won’t go. (+Alone Together)
  • Why? (+Prayer Maiden)
  • Stay Silent.
  • I want to trust him. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • I want to help him. (+Alone Together)
  • I want to talk to him

Chapter 12

  • Nuzzle his hand. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • Hesitate. (+Alone Together)
  • Pull away.
  • I want to listen in. (+Alone Together)
  • I don’t want to listen in. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • Ask Sora to listen in.

Chapter 13

  • Let’s go together. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • I will protect you. (+Alone Together)
  • You make me proud to be your princess.

Chapter 14

  • Ask him to understand. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • Say Nothing.
  • Persuade him. (+Alone Together)

Chapter 15

  • No! (+Alone Together)
  • I was prepared for this.
  • Tell me why. (+Prayer Maiden)


Other Routes to Come


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