Kanata Tachibana


Plot Summary: The MC becomes the manager of Larme when Aki and Momo leave the store for their own reasons. When the smaller Larme reopens under the MC, it still has it’s regulars. During the private reopening party one such regular, Kanata Tachibana, bursts in and asks the MC to marry him. Kanata wants the MC to pretend to be his fiance in order to get his grandmother off his back. The MC is resistant and proceeds to argue with him every time he comes in to eat her Strawberry Shortcake. Kanata then forces her into participating in his deception by telling her mother that he’s her fiance

What I think of him: Kanata is pushy and enjoys teasing the MC and pushing the her buttons. He’s a popular erotic novelist (although his identity isn’t known by the public), and although he always has a perverted comment ready for the MC, he is very serious about his writing. He says that he writes from his imagination rather than his experience. Because of a bad relationship in his past and because of his work, Kanata doesn’t think he will ever find a wife. Kanata loves his grandmother and parents, but frequently felt lonely as a child. He has been writing since he was very young, but after many submissions only an erotic novel he opened was published leading to his current occupation. Kanata has a reputation for always meeting his deadlines, but when they near Kanata has a hard time juggling his work and his health

Nickname: Kana

Charm point: Drinks are his enemy

Quote: “I can’t even imagine a day without you now.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Get teased by all the suggestive things he says

Would have eloped with:

  • Kazuki, because he seems to feel competitive towards Kanata
  • Sosuke, because he wants a long lasting love
  • Yuto, because he’s unexpectedly the devoted type and he offers to bring the MC into his family

Favorite moments:

  • The MC reading in the library and just looking up and Kanata being right next to her (this moment with the CG took my breath away for a second)
  • Kanata accurately pegging the type of lovers Sosuke and Yuto are

Worst moments:

  • Kanata is a sleezeball for the first three chapters or so, and I don’t apprieciate how the MC was cornered into accepting his proposal
  • Just after the MC and Kanata finish discussing how a famous author was cheated on and dumped, the MC wishes that she will find someone to love. It is a random and strange thought for that moment
  • The ending (everything after the MC meeting Kanata again in the library) felt very rushed
  • A book titled “Finally, in Love Again”, lame

Worth the price of admission?: The first couple chapters of this route feel very My Forged Wedding, and more the bad part of that game than the good part. This similarity and Kanata’s sleeziness was making me regret playing this route, but things get better after the first couple of chapters, when the fake engagement is over. Since Kanata spends so much time teasing the MC, and the MC spends her time getting mad at Kanata, their relationship is entertaining to watch. Additionally, the meet of the conflict, especially leading up to the climax, is pretty great. Although this route felt very rushed overall (especially towards the end), overall it was a good read

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • The Proposal Epilogue: The MC and Kanata go another date shortly after becoming engaged, but after that they aren’t able to see each other for a while because of the approach of Kanata’s deadline. After seeing how malnourished Kanata has become, the MC decides to stay over at his place for a while to cook for him. This is a very sedate epilogue. Like the main/proposal route, it tries to get through a lot of content in a short time so it is also a bit rushed. This causes strange things like their first time happening in Chapter 1 when it would normally end on that. It’s kind of funny how they kept the horn dog theme with Kanata even though in the other routes this behavior is attributed to the guy’s youth. It is also great to see how serious Kanata is about his work and how much influence the MC has over him

Notable substories: Haven’t read any for Kanata

Recommended routes:


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