Aoi Shirafuji


Plot Summary: The MC chooses Aoi as her butler because he seems like the nicest. Aoi makes the MC’s life easier in a multitude of small ways and soon she can’t help but begin to lean on him. But even though Yuma accuses Aoi of spoiling the MC, she can’t help but notice a streak of coldness hiding beneath his kindness

What I think of him: Aoi is charming, kind, and everything that the MC wishes a butler to be (in the beginning of Yuma and Tomoki’s routes as well). He caters to her whims and is always on her side, even against the other butlers. Aoi can also be cold and calculating (also mischievous and a bit of a tease). He firmly believes that if you want something, you should take it, even if you need to use underhanded methods to achieve your ends. He has been neglected by his family for his elder brother -who was the only one who cared for him- to the point that after his brother died, Aoi was told that it should have been him instead of his brother. He is trying to meet his family’s expectations but isn’t able to succeed no matter what he does. He thinks that the MC must have led a happy, carefree life to end up so naive and trusting

Nickname: None

Charm point: He scratches his nose when he’s lying, so he’s a little obvious

Quote: “It’s only meeting you and spending time with you that has, mysteriously, made my heart feel full.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Share secrets

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments:

  • That the MC assigned the Darth Vader theme as her Boss’s ringtone
  • Visit to Destiny Land and later the visit to Dream World Studios
  • The early part of the MC’s first photo shoot
  • The MC taking care of Aoi when he’s sick
  • Eating dinner with all the butlers

Worst moments:

  • I don’t understand Iwamoto. He was scary, then he was nice and seemed to care about Aoi, and then he’s chasing the MC and Aoi around
  • Aoi is strangely extremely mean when the MC is being held in the Shirafuji mansion. It feels more like this is due to tension reasons rather than Aoi’s actual character
  • Aoi becoming a butler again at the end is cliche and only happens because the theme of this game is butlers

Worth the price of admission?: Right now (with Yuma, Aoi, and Tomoki routes released) Aoi is my favorite in this game. Aoi is so nice and it’s easy to see why the MC begins falling for him. (His personality is also more realistic for a top butler since I don’t think Yuma’s personality would get him far in real life.) The twist in his personality and his backstory fulfills my need for a tortured hero. The drama and WTF moments have been toned down from Yuma’s route, and although Aoi’s route is still a little overdramatic, things are back within tolerable levels. Plus the stuff about amusement parks is interesting and much better than the Ichijo Group just being involved in unspecified “business”.

I wasn’t initially going to play Aoi’s route, but I was very pleasantly surprised; so chalk that up as another time Voltage got me with a guy I wasn’t in to at first

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • In His Eyes: The main route from Aoi’s point-of-view. This reveals a lot about Aoi’s family life and how mistreated he was by his father. This also settles that Iwamoto was in charge of caring for Aoi as a child and is now Aoi’s secretary; also he is very much a bad guy. This PoV route is pretty good and gives a lot of context to what Aoi was thinking, but it misses one of the most important scenes in my opinion – Aoi confronting the MC while she’s being held in the Shirafuji mansion. Still I was overall very satisfied and happy with this PoV route
  • Lovers After Hours: A couple days after the MC and Aoi begin going out and the two have received the blessings of her father. Then the MC is sent home to Kyushu on a business trip. The MC has prepared herself for a short separation from her sweetheart but is surprised to find Aoi seated next to her on the plane. In this story the MC and Aoi figure out what it means for him to be both her butler and her boyfriend. It’s great; very sweet, a little cute, and a little sexy
  • After Sunrise: The MC wants to go on a romantic cruise date with Aoi, and Aoi mistakes her desire and gets her invited to a function hosted by her father on a ship. This was a very sweet route with a Cinderella theme. The MC resumes her lady training with all the butlers but is more willing this time and it’s nice to see it pay off in the end. There’s also lots of kissing, but the MC falls asleep before things get further than that
  • Completion Bonus: A “Butler Bares All” interview that you get if you purchase all the routes prior to this. The information is not spoilery so it can be read at any point, even pre-main route, and the CG you get is scream worthy

Notable substories: None yet

Recommended routes:


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