Tomoki Matsuba


Plot Summary: The MC chooses the calmest looking of the butlers, Tomoki, to serve her. Little did she know that Tomoki would keep her on a tight schedule, going so far as to schedule her activities down to the second. Tomoki tells the MC that he wants to make her into a lady to repay her father, but she also overhears him saying that they don’t have much time left for her lessons

What I think of him: Tomoki is serious, strict, and has a way of being honest but verbally brutal. He likes making plans and hates having to deviate from them. He is very good at taking care of plants but has been said to loose interest in them after the flowers boom. He always puts his family’s needs before his own, and actions related to this has caused him to become an “emotionless shell” of who he was. The weight of expectations he experiences as the eldest son of his respected family is heavy but he bears them with dignity. Even though he loves his younger brother, Itsuki, he is also envious of Itsuki’s natural genius; while Tomoyuki is a perfectionist he has had to put in endless hard work to meet his own expectations

Nickname: Mr. Butler, Robot Butler, Tomo

Charm point: He’s a worrier and when he gets going he becomes a little clumsy

Quote: “I’m not letting go of what’s important to me anymore… I can’t give up on something I love.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Play piano side-by-side

Would have eloped with:

  • Itsuki, because he’s such a great brother and he provides such a good contrast to Tomoki

Favorite moments:

  • Tomoki arranging the MC’s schedule so she hits all walk signs on the way to work
  • The MC putting Tomoki’s etiquette lessons to use
  • The MC sounding like Tomoki when she accidentally misses her lessons
  • Tomoki’s face when he walks in and sees the MC playing piano with Itsuki
  • Playing piano side by side
  • The MC being amazed by seeing Tomoki eat and actually confessing that she (half-seriously) thought he was a robot
  • The Soothing Ending was wonderful

Worst moments:

  • Yukari might as well have not gotten a sprite, because she wasn’t so important so much as Tomoyuki having anyone as his fiance
  • As much of an issue as everyone makes of Tomoyuki’s engagement, he sure gets over it easily when it comes down to it

Worth the price of admission?: This romance in this one is nice and slow, not really kicking in until closer to the end of the route. I appreciated this since Tomoki’s strict and quietness really required a little more time to see past. There’s not so much “oh he’s mean but secretly nice” and more “oh he was only nice because he’s getting something out of it”.

Tomoki’s route has a bundle of family issues and it is interesting how much of his issues were caused and/or exacerbated by his own decisions/thoughts. The family issues were the most interesting things to me in this route, far beyond the fiance stuff which almost didn’t need to be included

Overall, this won’t go down as one of my favorite routes or guys, but I liked it much more than Yuma’s route

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • In His Eyes: The main route from Tomoki’s point-of-view. I always love a His PoV, but this one is just okay. It tries to get through a lot of scenes in a short amount of time so some scenes are too short (the MC missing a lesson and returning home after midnight) and other important scenes aren’t shown at all. It was good for being able to see how aware Tomoki is about his personality. The best part of this story for me was being able to learn more about his family situation
  • Lovers After Hours: Even though they are going out, nothing has really changed in the MC and Tomoyuki’s relationship. Then the MC gathers her courage and asks Tomoyuki out on a date. This is a cute epilogue for Tomoki, although it is somewhat predictable. It addresses the problems that you should be able to guess the two would have, the two have their first date, and then they go home and make out. As I said, pretty basic, but personally I love seeing Voltage’s cyborg guys try to be sweet and how they just can’t figure it out without help

Notable substories: None yet

Recommended routes:


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