Katsuyuki Kyobashi


Plot Summary: The MC has been with the 2nd Unit for a while and she is getting along with everyone except Kyobashi, who is a little too good at reading her and too hard for her to read for her comfort. After getting partnered with Kyobashi, the MC is slowly getting more comfortable with him. When a sudden rash of hacking strikes the city, Kyobashi becomes the prime suspect and is put under house arrest

What I think of him: Kyobashi is calm, cool, very much a pervert and a womanizer (he is probably Voltage’s most openly sexual guy). He has a girlfriend for everyday of the week, but he spreads his love equally and isn’t really attached to any of them. He is a bit of a sadist and enjoys being in control and teasing. Kyobashi is very good at profiling people so he especially likes women who act in ways he cannot predict. He has his own principals and sticks to them, which has helped him become the Metro PD’s top negotiators. His father is the chief of police, but Kyobashi is estranged with his father and has made his way up the ranks on his own. Even though he always acts mature, he can be surprisingly childish at times. Although he works hard, he never lets it show

Nickname: None

Charm point: He hates eating his vegetables

Quote: “I’m giving Monday to Sunday, every day of the week, to you.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Get pushed down, because it’s Kyobashi and what do you expect?

Would have eloped with:

  • Kirisawa, because it is lightly hinted that he also likes the MC
  • Tennoji, because he’s so brash and ready to deliver a beat down to bad people

Favorite moments:

  • The MC pointing out that the suspect and Kyobashi walk differently and getting teased by the guys
  • The MC feeding Kyobashi pumpkin soup when he’s sick
  • The MC going over to cook for Kyobashi while he’s under house arrest and making him listen to her
  • Kyobashi saying that the MC has fallen for him and her vehemently denying it
  • Kyobashi confessing that he probably fell in love with the MC at the cabin and that kiss
  • Kyobashi loosing a little of his cool when getting teased by the other guys about his taste in women post-negotiation
  • The aftermath of the rescue in the MC’s bathroom
  • Kyobashi chasing after the MC when she sees him and the heiress almost making out in the interrogation room
  • The MC deciding that she’s going to protect the man she loves
  • Kyobashi’s reason for cutting a certain wire

Worst moments:

  • The officials of the MPD are corrupt and even more unforgivably, idiots. It true in all the Metro PD route, and it is always grating

Worth the price of admission?: Since Kyobashi is always making moves on the MC, I was waiting for his route since almost the beginning. It wasn’t what I expected, but in some ways it was better (with all the soup and vegetable stuff). Kyobashi is another one of those love him or hate him guys, and I definitely fall on the love side. I just love how you can tell that he’s beginning to fall for the MC and she’s holding out because she doesn’t see it or doesn’t think he’s serious. One thing to note is that he is a womanizer, and even after getting with the MC his behavior towards other women doesn’t really change. He actually has no intention of changing his behavior and even I wasn’t really on board with that (he is influenced without intending to be though which is a little saving grace)

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: A month and a half after they started going out and the MC still can’t bring herself to fully trust Kobayashi. Then one day after Kyobashi calls her down to the interrogation room, the MC finds herself tied up and at Kyobashi’s mercy. And later that same day a perpetrator handcuffs her and Kyobashi together. A bunch of silly things happen in this epilogue, but the concern that overshadows the humor for me is concerning is Kyobashi continuing to behave the way he did before the MC and making it clear that he has no intention of changing his ways. Still if you like Kyobashi’s flirtatiousness and the way he relentlessly teases the MC then you will enjoy this
  • Sequel: Kyobashi’s father, the chief of police, collapses and ends up in the hospital, but Kyobashi refuses to see him. When the MC and Kyobashi are sent to the same hospital to investigate an old case of malpractice, the MC struggles with the walls she has put up between her and Kyobashi. Kyobashi’s situation with his father has complicated his opinions on families, but is he ready to take the next step in his relationship with the MC? The sequel focuses much more on the character relationships than the case (which is solved pretty easily). I enjoyed the situation with Kyobashi’s father, and it’s kind of cute to think how much little Kyobashi must have admired his father to turn out so similar to him in some ways. Since so far the MC was the one struggling to overcome Kyobashi’s personality, it’s was also nice to see some of the reverse happening in this sequel; with Kyobashi having to break through the MC’s reserve to get her to speak honestly without the feat of saying something wrong to him. Kyobashi does some flirting with another woman earlier, but it is definitely toned down from even the epilogue. A new annoying thing that’s happening is that the MC has starting talking tough and trying to make a joke of things sometimes when Kyobashi embarrasses her or moves her. The trouble with this is that it happens while they’re alone and in situations when it really isn’t necessary. Still, overall this was an enjoyable sequel for Kyobashi
  • Armed & Engaged: Kyobashi begins discussing moving in together, presents the MC with an engagement ring, and formally asks her father for her hand in marriage. Things seem to be going all too well, but after they get in a car accident chasing after a suspect, Kyobashi is facing an Inquest ion from the hire ups. Someone seems to have it out for Kyobashi, and all the MC can do is try to support him by his side. I really enjoyed this route. The higher ups were still corrupt, but since it was about political maneuvering and not just from sheer stupidity so it was far less frustrating than the main route. Kyobashi and his father are adorable together, and I loved the way the MC interacted with them both. Additionally everyone’s reactions to Kyobashi announcing their engagement is hilarious. It is well worth it to read both endings since in the normal ending the 2nd Unit gets to grill the couple about their relationship (although you need to anyways to get all the CG)

Notable substories:

  • 2nd Unit Breaks the Code: It’s been three years since the MC joined the 2nd unit and everyone realizes they’ve all been wearing the same outfits all the time. The MC knows why she does it, and after asking Kyobashi about his suit, she learns that his suit brings about water related accidents. I feel like this substory shows a different side of Kyobashi (although his usual pervert self is present too). There are lots of great lines and it’s pretty dramatic for a substory

Recommended routes:


One thought on “Katsuyuki Kyobashi

  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who got the feeling several times during the main route that Kirisawa had a thing for MC! I went back several times to read those bits over and couldn’t help myself from saying, ” He totally likes her!” The looks he gives her, the invitation to grab a meal together sometime.. He was totally angling for a lunch date! I loved it!


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