Plot Summary: Having noticed the similarities in their situations and temperaments, the usually reserved Kokonoe soon grows close to the MC. The MC just thinks of Kokonoe as a great companion, but when they accidentally kiss she begins to see him as something more. Their relationship seems to be sailing on smooth waters, but when rocky waters appear the MC can’t help but think that she is being punished for pursuing romance while Princess Chiyo is kidnapped

What I think of him: Reserved and dignified, Kokonoe is the adviser to the Emperor and, due to his amazing powers, the chief of his Diviners. He’s rational, cool and calm, but also gentle and secretly caring. There is a strictness about him, but he never comes off as harsh. Kokonoe is close to very few, the foremost of who is his shikigami, Rin. He has been in the care of the court since he was a young boy and his origins are subject to rumor. Although he looks to be around the same age as the MC and Yori, he is actually much older and as a baby-face. He is very dutiful and is devoted to the Emperor and would give his life to carry out the quest of rescuing Princess Chiyo. If you are aware of the figure, Kokonoe is basically a take on Abe no Seimei

Nickname: None

Charm point: He’s weak to the pleas of those he cares for

Quote: “You cast the spell on me. You bested me, a diviner, with magic… What spell did you cast? I want to make you mine.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, in front of a lake aglow from fireflies

Would have eloped with:

  • Isuka, because he’ll quietly hear out the MC’s troubles and then speaks more than he usually does to give her advice

Favorite moments:

  • Akiharu, is super fun since he’s just so cheerful and boisterous
  • The MC imagining Kokonoe as a woman
  • Kokonoe rescuing the MC in the Red Light District
  • The MC and Akiharu pleading with Kokonoe and his resolve just wearing down
  • Rin is adorable, devotes, and such a little tsundere with everyone but Kokonoe
  • Kokonoe pouting because he has a baby face
  • Sexy times in the Sweet Ending

Worst moments:

  • Everything feels like it happens so fast: the development of the feelings between the MC and Kokonoe and even the journey in general
  • There are so many plot holes. The biggest two in my opinion: How did Kokonoe know who his father was as a child, and how did Rin get information about Kokonoe’s past?
  • Kokonoe trying to sacrifice his life to the Mikado for no real reason, and the MC being so chill and “I was considering the same” about it

Worth the price of admission?: I probably like the idea and individual elements of this route more than the route all together. I love Kokonoe as a character, the MC as a character, and all the side character (Yori, Isuka, Akiharu, and Princess Chiyo). You get a lot of Kokonoe’s point-of-view, which I enjoyed. And I loved the look of the game. But once everything was thrown together, it felt like there was too much stuffed into not enough space and that left me with the impression of the story being rushed. I had so many questions left (as you can tell from the Worst Moments list) and there were things that could have been resolved with just a little more time and thought put into it.

I don’t regret purchasing this route, but I would advise caution with your money on this one. If Kokonoe sounds like your kind of guy, and you enjoyed Magic Sword and Mononoke Kiss then by all means go for it. This isn’t a perfect route by any means but there is a lot to enjoy here

Recommended routes:


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