Zhou Gongjin


Plot Summary: The MC suddenly wakes up in a forest with only her clothes and a letter. She wanders towards the sound of music and meets a friendly guy who introduces himself as Gongjin. Gongjin volunteers to take her to the address on the letter. Once she gets there she learns that the letter introduces her as the bride for the country’s top strategist, who happens to be Gongjin

What I think of him: Gongjin is lively and cheerful.  As a renowned strategist and is both determined to protect his and also make it a better place. He is very intelligent, although he tends to downplay it, and is a skilled musician as well. His leadership functions more on his physical abilities and charisma than this strategies. He says he doesn’t mind being deceived by the MC so long as he can keep her with him. He is a sexual man, who is constantly making moves on the MC, and although he never goes all the way there is effort in getting him to stop. He likes to have fun and Zijing is always on the look out to keep him at work

Nickname: Beautiful Zhou Yu (I don’t know about that), Protector of Wu

Charm point: He thinks crepes are the best invention of the modern era

Quote: “I am not Zhou Yu war strategist for Wu. I am just a man name Yu Wu… This man named Yu, he wants to spend the rest of his life with you, here.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Get pushed down, because that’s how Gonjin rolls

Would have eloped with:

  • Kongming, because of how he teases Gongjin and I want to know what is going on behind those pretty eyes

Favorite moments:

  • Zijing is great. I love the difference in the way he treats Gongjing versus how he treats the MC
  • Gongjin being pouty about Kongming wining their bet
  • The MC insisting that she go along with the trade to make the Red Cliffs plan work
  • Gongjin going to rescue the MC from Cao Cao’s ship
  • Gongjin’s reactions to crepes

Worst moments:

  • Everyone seems way to accepting (like about how the MC suddenly returns after she had been missing for a while and no one could find her body after she had fallen off a cliff)
  • Gongjin was so insistent on returning to Wu because he wants to make it a peaceful place, but in the Happy Ending he’s like “my spirit lives on in Wu”. That change of pace happened way too quickly and with little prompting

Worth the price of admission?: Gongjin is so smitten with the MC that it leads to a lot of sweet moments, and the MC’s actions fulfill the promise of the app (will you change history because of love), which Zihuan’s route didn’t. There’s a lot to like about this route, and Gongjin is interesting (and unexpectedly very much a renaissance man). I don’t think he was the most consistently characterized and I didn’t find him to be “brother-like” at all, but he was interesting nonetheless.

Ready for over analysis time? This route gave me a little to think about as well. Gongjin has an admirable desire to serve his country, to the point that puts his life on the line in ways some would see as unnecessary. The MC struggles with this and is constantly telling him to put himself first. Maybe because I was playing from the MC’s point-of-view or maybe because I’m self-centered, but I sided with the MC. I found myself frustrated with what I was thinking of as Gongjin’s desire to martyr himself and everyone telling the MC to quietly support him. I was reflecting on this as I prepared to write this review, and I realized that if I read about Gongjin’s actions in a history book or even saw it in the news I probably would have been on Gongjin’s side and would have admired and praised his actions and resolve. This wasn’t particularly deep and doesn’t really affect whether you should or shouldn’t play this route, but I thought it was a nice show of how a change in perspective can alter a person’s opinion

Recommended routes:

  • Ryo Tsuzuki
  • Ethan
  • Ali Baba

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