Yamato Kougami


Plot Summary: The MC decides to help Yamato and learns that he needs a fake wife to fool the Vice-Principal at his school since the all girls school he started working at doesn’t employ unmarried men. Yamato won’t tell her why he wants to work somewhere he has to lie, but soon she begins to see the kindness behind his harsh words

What I think of him: Yamato is a little bratty and a lot of a perfectionist. He talks tough, but his actions show what a kind guy he really is. Yamato is a little bit of a bully, but he can’t take what he dishes out and generally ends up blushing if teased. He’s sort of an alpha male, but since he was raised by a single mom, he’s also surprisingly domestic. He was a momma’s boy and is secretly lonely since his mother’s death. He is a dedicated teacher and really cares about his students

Nickname: None

Charm point: He love technology and considers a Roomba his pet

Quote: “It’s torture to live with the woman you love and not do anything. But I couldn’t do anything until I new how you felt.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, for show and with meaning

Would have eloped with:

  • Saeki, because he so earnestly tries to put the moves on the MC and also presses Yamato about his feelings
  • Ren, because even though he’s quiet, he will always say something spot on when it counts

Favorite moments:

  • Yamato saying that he’s not alone anymore because even a fake wife is family
  • Yamato and the MC trying to make the Vice-Principal uncomfortable so he’ll leave
  • The first night the MC makes dinner for Yamato
  • The MC going to Yamato’s baseball game
  • The MC and Ren listening in on Yamato and Saeki from the back of the bar
  • Yamato telling the MC why he needs to work at his school
  • Yamato telling the Long Island guys about his father

Worst moments:

  • I could have done without the conflict with Yuri. It added nothing to the story besides bringing up student-teacher affairs, but this isn’t even really highlighted when it does get brought up again

Worth the price of admission?: Yamato is pretty much what you’d expect from one of Voltage’s poster boys: he has a harsh mouth but is actually nice on the inside, he’s disgustingly perfect and pretty much good at everything. Despite him not being my type and me therefore not getting past the epilogue with him, I didn’t have any problems with his route. If you like what has basically become the type for the first guy in any Voltage game, you’ll probably like Yamato since’s he’s more of the same just with his own little quirks. One thing this route does have over other routes in MFW is that it doesn’t really have the part where the lie is revealed and the MC and her fake husband separate

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: Thanks to the points earned from his electronic purchases, Yamato and the MC are off to Romania for a six day tour. Yamato feels a little more childish and harsher in this epilogue than he does in the main route, but to be fair the MC messes with him a little more as well. This epilogue didn’t really do much for me, but Yamato fans will enjoy it, I’m sure

Notable substories:

  • Summer Love with My Husband: Yuta wins reservations for a brief stay at a summer cottage for Yamato and the MC, and the MC is excited because it is the right time of year for a legendary marriage hotspring to appear. This is a very cute substory where the MC happens to be really on her game with unintentionally getting Yamato hot and bothered
  • The Perfect Husband: The MC thinks an important quality for an ideal husband is the ability to sew. Shortly after revealing that her sewing machine breaks, and Yamato buys her a fancy new machines before challenging her to a sewing contest. Being able to sew is a weird quality to pick as being very important, but this is a cute substory (although it wouldn’t have been if Yamato hadn’t admitted to being stubborn)
  • His Feelings: Three scenes from Yamato point-of-view. The first scene is from chapter ten after the MC and Ren overhear Yamato and Saeki’s conversation at Long Island. This was a great scene choice and it was so cute to see what was going through Yamato’s head at this point. The second scene is from chapter twelve after the confrontation with Yuri in Yamato’s apartment. This was a short scene but also a good pick. The last scene is from the White Day substory, which I haven’t read and thus cannot say anything about
  • Watch Out for the Tricky Night: The guys decide to through a Halloween party at Long Island, and since Yamato is going as a werewolf the MC decides to go as Little Red Riding Hood. With the other guys around there is plenty of teasing to be had and Yamato is pretty adorable in this one

Recommended routes:


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