My Romantic Three Kingdoms

my romantic 3 kingdoms

Company: Arithmetic

Cost: Free to play

Synopsis: The MC, a modern day student, is studying the Three Kingdoms for class when she suddenly finds herself transported into the story she is reading. With her knowledge of what happens in the story, she has the power to change the outcome of the events unfolding around her

MC: A modern day college student, she has no idea what to do when she is brought into the past. In the past she is frequently called a goddess, and she is apparently very beautiful. Doing a report on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms was her choice, but she doesn’t remember most of the details while in the past. At times she struggles with wanting to help those around her and the possibility of changing history, but the plight of those right before her eyes wins out. Still, she can be stubborn and tight lipped. She’s a caring person and tries really hard to reason with those who she cares for when they’re doing something she doesn’t agree with.

She’s a pretty generic MC, and some people might be annoyed by how little she does. But considering her situation (a collegiate dragged through time into a warzone) I think she pretty much does all that can be expected


  • Cao Zihuan: A mysterious swordsman who is trusted by Wei’s ruler, Cao Cao. He’s cold, seemingly uncaring, and wants to use the MC to achieve his own ends
  • Zhou Gongjin: A strategist and general for Wu. A lively and cheerful man who wants to protect his country and make it a prosperous and peaceful place
  • Zhuge Kongming: The cunning and domineering strategist from Shu. Kongming is a courtly man, who likes things his own way and is very good at manipulating people to do as he pleases

Impressions: I was super excited for Oriental Bride of the Emperor and this game was sort of a similar in theme and time of release. OBotE ended up being a bust for various reasons, but I was pleasantly surprised by this game. To be certain this is no Voltage or Solmare game, but it’s good for what it is. I especially like getting out of Japan (well at least for most of the game) and I know next to nothing about the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, so this aspect was especially interesting and educational.

The choice of guys was pretty standard: there’s one that runs hot, one that runs cold, and a really smart one. They all have their own ways of livening things up, sometimes through plot and sometimes through character stuff.

In summary, this game is nothing revolutionary, but I wasn’t ever bored. It’s good for what it is a free-to-play game without annoying artificial barriers like checkpoints (the only thing you need to worry about is answering the questions to raise affection). You only get five story tickets a day to play, and those couple of minutes of play a day are all you really need for this game in my opinion

Favorite Guy: Gongjin

Favorite Route: Gongjin

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