Ren Shibasaki


Plot Summary: The MC decides to help Ren, but the only thing anyone tells her is that she needs to stay at Ren’s house for a while. The MC quickly learns to read Ren’s less than expressive face, but she is thrown for a loop when Ren asks her to pretend to be his fiance. It turns out that Ren is a foreign Prince and if he does not have a fiance by a certain time he promised his father he would return home. He needs the MC to be his fiance so he can stay for a couple months longer so he can finish his research. The two of them successfully fool Ren’s butler, but the next day they find out that the butler has taken up residence next door

What I think of him: Ren is a quiet and sleepy guy. He doesn’t emote much at first glance but isn’t really trying to hide his feelings either. He always moves at his own pace and doesn’t always seem to be processing what is happening or said around him. He is very childlike in his innocence and honesty. Ren is very intelligent and is a devoted scientist. He frequently staying awake all night to work on his research. He tends to think of things in terms of equations. He love the peace and prosperity of Japan and wants to bring some of it to his own country. Ren loves plants and they are one of the few things he has in his room

Nickname: Sweetie Pie

Charm point: He acts like a rabbit

Quote: “I want a sign just between the two of us. A sign of wanting to be together… A sign for I love you.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Cuddle in bed, nice and warm

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments:

  • The first day/night MC spends at Ren’s apartment
  • What Ren says to get Daniel to let him and the MC gather herbs in the mountains
  • Shopping together late at night and making the boxed lunches for the kids
  • The plane ride to Ren’s country and greeting the citizens
  • The plane ride back to Japan together

Worst moments:

  • The guys pressuring the MC to stay with Ren
  • Again I have to wonder how exactly they thought this plan would work out (especially Takao, who thought up the plan, and Kuni who really should have known better)
  • Kuni is a jerk to the MC throughout this route, although it gets pretty subtle

Worth the price of admission?: If you were to divide up the three roughly equal groups you would probably have a Yamato camp, a Ren camp, and an all the other guys camp; what I’m saying is that Ren is one of the most popular characters in My Forged Wedding. In my opinion he is also one of the weirdest ideas of the game. After all he’s a prince in a game where the male love interests are connected by a bar and playing in the same little league team (excepting Haruka and Akito). It’s easy to see where he fits in personality wise though since he is one of the few calm characters and is the only real introvert. He really sticks out in this game just for how different he is, and at the same time manages to fit in so well (I can’t image a MFW without him).

Spiel aside, I enjoyed Ren and his super low key route. While it feels like there should be lots of exciting moments, playing the route feels really calming (excluding some sad bits near the end). Ren’s temperament gives the story a more smooth feeling compared to a lot of the ups and downs in almost any other route you’d read

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: Ren and the MC take a trip to Kyoto, and Ren promises to do anything the MC wants. Ren is adorable and mildly quirky as always, and since I’m a Shinsengumi fan like the MC, I got a kick out of the cosplay. This epilogue is nothing exciting or new, but it is very sweet

Notable substories:

  • The Perfect Husband: The MC’s idea of a perfect husband is someone who helps cleaning, but she enjoys spoiling Ren and doesn’t mind that he doesn’t help. Then one day Ren gets it into his head that he’s going to do all the cleaning and give the MC a break. Another cute and lighthearted Ren story with a nice bit of teasing from the other guys in the beginning
  • His Feelings: Two scenes from the main route and one from the substory in Ren’s point-of-view. The first is from the seventh chapter when the MC and Ren are in the mountains looking for herbs. This and Ren’s decision to stay with the MC and miss the conference is probably the most crucial scene so while I was happen to see it I wish it was longer to cover the conference stuff. The second scene takes place in Ren’s country after the MC has been sent away and a little bit of their reunion. Again this was an important scene, but it jumps around so much that it’s a little unsatisfying. The last scene is form the Ren and I on a Snowy Mountain substory, which I haven’t read so can’t say much about. Ren talks so little that it’s fun to see inside his head. It’s especially heartwarming so see how much he thinks about wanting to cherish the MC, which is the common theme in all three scenes
  • Watch Out for the Tricky Night:  The guys decide to throw a Halloween party at Long Island and taunt Ren into preforming a party trick. There’s a couple of funny parts in this substory but one thing I found unintentionally hilarious was a line about Ren looking at the MC “lustfully” since I just can’t picture it

Recommended routes:


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