Tamaki Kikushima


Plot Summary: The MC refuses the fake proposals of the Long Island guys and is trying to find a job on her own. While working on an application in a cafe, the MC meets a rude man who asks her to be his wife. After she refuses, he drags her to a bar and proposes a drinking competition with the loser doing whatever the winner wants. The next morning she wakes up in bed with Tamaki, naked and with a ring on her finger.

What I think of him: Tamaki can out tsundere even Voltage’s super tsundere, Yamato, who was conveniently his childhood best friend. Deep down Tamaki is caring, sentimental, and has a soft spot for animals, but he covers off his inner softy with arrogance, harsh words, frequent sexual advances, and extreme antagonism. He used to not really care about his father’s business, but recently (still pre-MC) he has turned around and become a hard worker. Because of his family’s wealth and circumstance he has a big chip on his shoulder regarding money, women, and the way the world works; like a certain character who shares his name, Tamaki frequently comments on the MC’s “commoner” doings

Nickname: Tama, Tamapyon

Charm point: It is pretty easy to trick him into revealing his true feelings

Quote: “Even if I threw it all away, you’re more important to me.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Have sassy conversations with, because the sass comes from both sides

Would have eloped with:

  • Yamato, because it’s so obvious

Favorite moments:

  • When the other guys are talking about what Tamaki was like as a child
  • Shopping together
  • The MC fixing Tamaki’s tie and then helping him “muster up courage”
  • How the MC figure’s out Tamaki’s personality and starts dishing attitude back at him
  • Tamaki’s hilarious excuse to stop sexy times for the MC’s sake
  • Car ride with Yamato, and the MC’s voicemail message for Tamaki
  • The MC remembering all the terrible things Tamaki has done at the airport

Worst moments:

  • The situations in this one are pretty much one cliche after another and only Tamaki’s personality (and the MC’s reactions after a while) keep things fresh. Especially the heir business; which felt like it was just there and wasn’t even a little fleshed out to give it a twist
  • The fake marriage went way too smoothly up until the penultimate conflict

Worth the price of admission?: This is almost what it would be like if Yamato was the lead in Kyoichi’s story. There’s not much originality in the plot, but it’s the character interactions that makes the route not boring. The route expects you to have played other routes in this game since a lot of things have been cut out and there is the expectation that you know things about the other character. All in all, it felt pretty short and it didn’t take me very long to play (although to be fair MFW doesn’t have the longest of Voltage’s routes in the first place). If you like Yamato you will enjoy this route since Tamaki is very similar, but if you are a big Yamato fan you might hate this since it verges on pulling Yamato into a love triangle with the leads

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: The MC begins to worry because Tamaki hasn’t told her how he feels about her, but after some pestering Tamaki tells the MC that they are going out. This goes through a bunch of scenes at a pretty rapid pace, but it doesn’t feel too rushed and there are a lot of scenes I enjoyed (plus the necessary closure with Tamaki’s father)

Notable substories: Nothing yet

Recommended routes:


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