Aki Fujishima


Plot Summary: The MC chooses Aki. After she blurts out that it’s her birthday he takes her on a date before offering her a job at Larme. The MC is determined to make a place for herself at Larme, and Aki seems to be helping her out, but she is completely unprepared to wake up in bed with him after a night of drinking

What I think of him: Aki is a charming guy who is both intelligent and cunning. He’s very good at getting other people to do what he wants, an ability which he utilizes frequently for Larme’s benefit. He is a very calm and rational guy which makes others think of him as being older than he is. Although he is kind and supportive, he also has a way of saying things that a person doesn’t want to hear. When it comes to his private life, Aki is very passive which can come off as cold; although he does enjoy teasing those around him. Aki sees himself as a person lacking passion, and at times he feels jealous of people who have a passion like Momoi and the MC

Nickname: Sir Smiles

Charm point: He can’t hold his alcohol

Quote: “I thought I could just give up… That’s what I had always done up to now, but… But… as hard as I tried, I couldn’t let you go.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Hold hands, under the table in public

Would have eloped with:

  • Momoi, because despite his harsh words he clearly thinks the MC has talent
  • Yuto, because even though he’s only there for a couple brief scenes he really pulls through for the MC

Favorite moments:

  • Aki telling the MC to call Momo by his nickname since he hates it
  • The way Aki automatically backs the MC up
  • Take’s favor
  • The light going out
  • The party with the Larme crew and the MC’s siblings, especially when Aki is messing with the MC
  • The MC’s sampler idea
  • Aki getting jealous because the MC keeps talking about Momo
  • The MC and Aki facing off with her old boss

Worst moments:

  • Miho, the way she pressures the MC into doing things and her stupid “love and marriage are different” thing (I sort of blame her for the whole kerfluffle in this route)

Worth the price of admission?: I think Aki is the most opaque of the Voltage guys in that it’s really hard to see what he’s thinking. The trouble is that Aki has a strong “business persona” which is mostly how the MC see him, but his actions regarding her are driven by his “private persona” which we don’t really get to see while we’re in the MC’s point-of-view. You can probably enjoy this route without getting into Aki’s head, but I found it tougher to struggle through the conflict leading up to the climax because of it.

And speaking of that conflict, I remember really hating this route when I first played it because of this (so much so that I didn’t play this game for several months). But upon replaying it, with the advantage of having Aki’s PoV route at my disposal, I don’t mind the conflict so much as it is blessedly short and I can understand why all three involved parties acted the way they did.

So overall, okay route, but there are better ones in this game.

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: The MC wants to keep her and Aki’s relationship a secret, and he agrees to her request. Then Iku invites the MC to a singles’ party, and the MC can’t bring herself to tell Iku no. This epilogue was incredibly frustrating for me. Sure Aki is adorable when he’s clingy in the beginning and the last chapter is good, but I just can’t forgive the MC agreeing to go to the singles’ party. She gives excuses for herself, but I’m not buying any of them (and there’s no elder sibling out there who can’t say no to a younger sibling, it just doesn’t happen). It’s not entirely the MC’s fault since Aki should have learned the importance of saying things in the main route, but I saddle the MC with the majority of the blame
  • Sequel: It’s been a month since Aki and the MC officially started dating and everything is going well. But after the Larme crew takes a trip to a hotsprings, they find out that Aki will be leaving and the store will have a new owner. The first couple of chapters look at the MC’s insecurities about her body while the rest of the chapters focus both on Aki’s struggles to say what he wants and the MC’s (and Iku and Momo’s) trouble adjusting to the new Larme. Aki’s lack of communication is frustrating, but very in character for him; the route makes it clear that while Aki frequently comments on the MC and Momo’s similarities she actually has a lot in common with Aki as well – in particular how they always say they are okay even when they aren’t. It is a solid follow up to Aki’s route thus far and while I remember hating it when I read it the first time I’m pretty neutral on it this time around. Aki will never have my favorite routes, but if you like him you’ll probably be satisfied with his sequel route
  • Sequel Epilogue: The MC and Aki decide to take a trip together on their next day off, and Aki intends to hold the MC to her promise. This epilogue feels pretty long since it includes so much, and I kept expecting it to end only to find myself at the beginning of the next chapter. The MC continuously mentions her insecurities about her body, but the way she concludes on this topic is realistic and I can appreciate it for that. I actually enjoyed this epilogue the most out of all of Aki’s routes; probably because the communication between Aki and the MC is much more open, and it was nice to see them moving forward in that way

Notable substories:

  • His PoV: The main route from Aki’s point-of-view. I really needed this substory for Aki, because it answered so many of the questions I had and really helped me get a sense of what kind of a person Aki is. It jumps around a lot, misses some scenes I would have loved to see (I wanted a college flashback so much), and is really brief in other scenes, but it hits everything that it really needed to

Recommended routes:


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