Sosuke Kikuchi


Plot Summary: The MC chooses Sosuke at the Singles Event, but after hinting that they have met previously he leave her. The MC ends up spending more time with Sosuke when she is put in charge of Larme’s deliveries and Sosuke turns out to be one in charge of picking up the deliveries. The two of them get closer as Sosuke helps the MC with her first original Larme cake, but she still can’t figure out how she knew him previously

What I think of him: Sosuke is the strong, silent type. He is brusque and sparse with words, but when he does speak he is honest, polite, and gentle if he is able; it feels like he considers his words carefully. Although it is hard to tell what he’s thinking most of the time, he is a very loyal and hardworking guy ,and in some ways he is very pure. He has been wind sailing since he was a child and his dream is to go pro

Nickname: Child of the Wind, Sou

Charm point: Little Sosuke was the cutest

Quote: “I know I will always love you. Because you… are my first love, and my last.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, the long awaited real one with meaning

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments:

  • Sosuke giving the MC advice when she’s struggling to make a new cake and their sampling meetups
  • Sosuke’s first CG 😉
  • Aki and Momo frantically trying to cover when Iku hints that Sosuke likes the MC
  • The beach rescue
  • Memories of little Sosuke at the Twins’ party
  • The finals round in the sail competition and the MC’s confession is so overly dramatic and entertaining

Worst moments:

  • The MC willfully ignoring things that bother her; like when she decides she misheard the other’s talking about Sosuke’s feelings for her
  • The twins seemed really against the MC and Sosuke’s relationship but they gave in awfully easily
  • Everyone seems to back the MC in metaphorical corners all the time in this route
  • How does the MC not realize who Sosuke is earlier? She has so many memories involving him, but she dismisses her recognition of him fairly early and even when her sister says he looks familiar

Worth the price of admission?: Sosuke is another of Voltage’s quite athletes, although this time the focus is elsewhere and thankfully not on an injury. Sosuke’s twist is that he’s more vocal and upfront about his feelings than his type usually tends to be, which is majorly refreshing. Another pleasant change is that the MC doesn’t really think about the age difference as much in this route, and it’s really a related issue that bothers her when it comes to her and Sosuke’s relationship. The general issue I had with this route was the supporting character and how pushy they seemed to be at time, but that is only on a few occasions. The MC is okay, but Sosuke is the best part of the this route, and the main characters being good is probably the most important part

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: While the MC is looking through Sosuke’s yearbooks he makes a comment that causes the MC to wonder if he’s really in love with the past her instead of her present self. It always amazes me how the MCs can find something to be insecure about; especially in this case since Sosuke has so obviously adored her for so long. Other than that this epilogue revolves around the need for Sosuke and the MC to be open and honest with each other which is a pretty good lesson for them in particular since Sosuke is pretty quite and the MC likes to keep certain things to herself. It’s pretty average overall, but the ending bit where they are saying everything that they need to and then proceed to sexy times is pretty good

Notable substories:

  • His PoV: The main route from Sosuke’s point-of-view. I enjoyed this more than the main route just because Sosuke is so smitten and all he thinks about is the MC. You get to see a lot of flashbacks from Sosuke’s view and I loved those scenes especially. This is definitely a must have for Sosuke fans
  • Domestic Bliss: When the MC twists her ankle, Sosuke invites her to stay with him in his apartment until it heals. This is a pretty cute substory since Sosuke is so careful with the MC because of her injury. The chapters switch between the MC’s and Sosuke’s point-of-views, and while they sadly overlap a little, mostly it’s different content which is nice. Since the main focus is Sosuke doting on the MC because of her injury, there isn’t a real sense of what it would be like if they were really living together, but it’s still a very cute substory

Recommended routes:


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