Shuichi Hishikura


Plot Summary: Several months after being bought at the auction the MC is basically the toy of the entire Penthouse crew. When Eisuke opens up a second Tres Spades location in Dubai the MC goes along for a training seminar, but after certain events she is accused of being a terrorist. Now she has to stay and work at the Tres Spades in Dubai, and she also has to report to the Japanese ambassador, Shuichi Hishikura. Shuichi’s strictness, and between him and the Penthouse guys, the MC is at the end of her rope. Then the night after one of Baba’s parties the MC wakes up naked in bed with a stranger. Shu’s niceness is soothing after the meanness of the other guys; but strange things begin happening around the Black Market Auctions, and even while dating Shu, the MC can’t help but think about Hishikura

What I think of him: Shuichi is strict and cold guy who loves to be in control. He has a thing for adhering to schedules. He is a very serious guy and doesn’t appreciates frivolous people/actions. He is very particular about things but doesn’t mind teaching people how to do things to his specifications. He has high aspirations and doesn’t allow anyone to intimidate him. He is a sadist and enjoys bullying the MC. Although Shuichi really loves his father and is an intelligent man, he isn’t really good at understanding the softer feelings

Nickname: Mr. Buck Nekkid, Hishy

Charm point: I like a good megane as much (or more than) the next girl, but Shuichi looks so great without them

Quote: “I shall keep you under surveillance. Who knows what a reckless woman like you might do next.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Meet daily, to just be together

Would have eloped with:

  • Baba, because he is so concerned for the MC and insightful in the later route

Favorite moments:

  • Going out with Shu, and Mamoru tattling about the date
  • The MC exploding at Shuichi when she moves into the embassy, and Hishikura backing off
  • The way Shuichi takes the time to teach the MC things, and his seriousness about taking care of his cactus
  • When the MC and Shuichi start talking after the MC apologizes for smacking him
  • Shuichi telling the MC his secret ambition
  • When the MC finds out the extend to which she has been betrayed, it was such a good scene
  • “Champions of Justice”, Baba you slay me
  • Shuichi and Eisuke’s snarky conversations. It’s just nice to see someone who gives Eisuke as good as he get. His interactions with the Penthouse guys later on is all pretty funny
  • Shuichi’s explanations for his morning after comments

Worst moments:

  • The Penthouse guys’ treatment of the MC is inconsistent. They are meaner to the MC in the beginning and they seem to care about her more later
  • The endings shared too much content

Worth the price of admission?: This route does a pretty good job of taking something standard and one-uping it. For example, Shuichi is a pretty standard sadist, but the addition of Shu makes this route more interesting; another is that you can see the penultimate twist coming from far out, but the one after it more is surprising. I’m a little ambivalent about the MC and Shuichi’s relationship because the MC falls a little too easily and with too little reason, but by the epilogue I was with the program. If you like these types of characters then I don’t think you will be disappointed with Shuichi

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: A week after Shuichi buys the MC, things have pretty much back to normal, and the relationship between the two hasn’t progressed. The MC becomes worried that Shuichi doesn’t actually love her. Towards the end of the main route the MC comments that she doesn’t know if Shuichi’s personality is really Shu or if he is really Mr. Hishikura, and this epilogue really digs into that (although it doesn’t resolve it). There a couple of great scenes when Shuichi interacts with the Penthouse guys. And at the end Shuichi gets super sexy

Notable substories: Haven’t read any

Recommended routes:


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