Plot Summary: The MC’s feet lead her to Matthew, and she becomes the Princess of her own country, Granatus and is granted use of the element of fire. But before she can even leave Sanctus, the MC answers a call for help from the country of Sapphirus. It seems like there is a new type of hollow that does not close on its own. The MC has a couple encounters with these hollows in her own country, even getting sucked in to one, and then she receives the news that the Prayer Maiden Zoe and her Knight, Evans, have disappeared

What I think of him: Matthew is orderly and strict. He appears the part of a perfect Knight: courteous, kind, gentle, and strong, but although he seems perfect he has worked very hard to get where he is. Matthew loves the country he serves and its citizens, putting their welfare at the forefront of his mind. He has a connection to the downfall of the country of Nox and bears the hatred of the Granatus’s Noxian refugees with grace. Liam describes hims as “very serious and a hard worker, but clumsy… He is conservative and does not cope with sudden change very easily”. Matthew fights with a lance and is primarily a defensive fighter

Nickname: None

Charm point: “Seductive Eyes” as the MC calls them

Quote: “I don’t want to lose you.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Secretly follow around, because it’s fun to watch him go about his routine

Would have eloped with:

  • Christopher, because he’s so devoted and there are those little moments where you can see how much he cares about his brother
  • Evans, because he is so charming and devoted

Favorite moments:

  • The MC is really kickass and the second time she enters a hollow, she really saves Matthew’s butt
  • The MC reflecting on Zoe and Evans’s relationship when she visits Zoe’s bedside
  • Matthew lending the MC his jacket when she comes to speak with him in his bedroom
  • The experience in the church in Nox
  • The MC trying to come to a decision while at Matthew’s bedside
  • The MC telling Matthew she intends to go with Christopher, and her accidentally telling Matthew her feelings
  • The MC’s reaction to finding out who the Prayer Guardian of Viridis is in the Alone Together Ending
  • The Prayer Maiden ending is wonderful, Matthew is so flirtatious

Worst moments:

  • Even though a Prayer Maiden is “instinctively” supposed to know how to fight, this MC knows way too much strategy. Especially since she tells Matthew that his level should be high enough to defend again an opponent even though it’s only her third time fighting
  • Sophia is a bitch and no sob backstory will make me like her
  • Christopher sure  gave up easy after a certain point even though just seconds earlier he was trying to kill Matthew to get his way

Worth the price of admission?: Matthew is pretty typical as far as knights go being gentlemanly and devoted. Because of the plot and the fantasy elements, there isn’t really much time to get to know Matthew super well and the MC just sort of realizes that she’s in love with him. Matthew does show some interesting traits; for example, I enjoy how stiff he is regarding his routine and how his face lights up when talking about training. His personality comes out more in the Prayer Maiden Ending, while the MC and Christopher shine more in the Alone Together Ending. I also enjoyed all the stuff regarding the relationship between the brothers (Christopher outshines his brother at times both intentionally and other times unfortunately). Matthew’s not wanting to confess his feelings for the MC is pretty cliche, but that’s the fault of the story world as a whole and not of him and his route in particular.

Still, it’s great to see the MC getting to be the one to rescue her love interest and Matthew being a defensive fighter is a nice touch too

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): Haven’t read yet

Notable substories: Haven’t read yet

Recommended routes:


Shall We Date: War of Prayers -WALKTHROUGH- In Progress

war of prayers

For best effects stick to one path per chapter. At times you can increase both crystals in one chapter, but sometimes it doesn’t work

You can keep them level to about Chapter 7, make a save file, and then branch onto either path to fill one crystal.


Chapter 1

  • Let’s Go then! (+Prayer Maiden)
  • Please… (+Alone Together)
  • Back me up, Sora.
  • That’s alright then… (+Prayer Maiden)
  • Really? (+Alone Together)
  • Don’t Say thing.

Chapter 2 – NOTE: As far as I could tell this chapter didn’t matter.

  • It’s not a matter of ability.
  • You are someone who can cope, Matthew.
  • That’s not true.

Chapter 3

  • Call out to him! (+Alone Together)
  • It’s too embarrassing. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • You go, Sora.
  • It’s too dangerous. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • It’s an important public duty, isn’t it? (+Alone Together)
  • It doesn’t matter in Granatus.

Chapter 4

  • Right now we need to defend. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • I know he’ll tell me eventually.
  • I want to know… (+Alone Together)
  • I will protect you. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • I have your back.  (+Alone Together)
  • Concentrate on the fight at hand.

Chapter 5

  • Please don’t try to deal with things all on your own. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • Don’t you trust me?
  • Please trust me, as your princess. (+Alone Together)
  • If we fight we’re going to lose. (+Alone Together)
  • I’m not being soft.
  • The shadows are our enemy. (+Prayer Maiden)

Chapter 6

  • You did the right thing, Matthew. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • Let’s go together.
  • Look at me. (+Alone Together)

Chapter 7

  • Love belongs to two people. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • Christopher was at fault. (+Alone Together)
  • They couldn’t have helped it.
  • Apologize
  • Speak your mind. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • Check with Sora. (+Alone Together)

Chapter 8

  • Am I not good enough to be a princess? (+Prayer Maiden)
  • Do you not trust me?
  • Tell me why! (+Alone Together)
  • I am sad. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • I am upset. (+Alone Together)
  • It’s nothing.

Chapter 9

  • That is for the best.
  • I am fine. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • I’m glad it doesn’t affect you. (+Alone Together)

Chapter 10

  • Don’t take your frustrations out on me. (+Alone Together)
  • I still want to save you. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • Ignore her.
  • If it means saving Matthew. (+Alone Together)
  • There must be a way to save both of us. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • I don’t want to die.

Chapter 11

  • I won’t go. (+Alone Together)
  • Why? (+Prayer Maiden)
  • Stay Silent.
  • I want to trust him. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • I want to help him. (+Alone Together)
  • I want to talk to him

Chapter 12

  • Nuzzle his hand. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • Hesitate. (+Alone Together)
  • Pull away.
  • I want to listen in. (+Alone Together)
  • I don’t want to listen in. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • Ask Sora to listen in.

Chapter 13

  • Let’s go together. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • I will protect you. (+Alone Together)
  • You make me proud to be your princess.

Chapter 14

  • Ask him to understand. (+Prayer Maiden)
  • Say Nothing.
  • Persuade him. (+Alone Together)

Chapter 15

  • No! (+Alone Together)
  • I was prepared for this.
  • Tell me why. (+Prayer Maiden)


Other Routes to Come

Kanata Tachibana


Plot Summary: The MC becomes the manager of Larme when Aki and Momo leave the store for their own reasons. When the smaller Larme reopens under the MC, it still has it’s regulars. During the private reopening party one such regular, Kanata Tachibana, bursts in and asks the MC to marry him. Kanata wants the MC to pretend to be his fiance in order to get his grandmother off his back. The MC is resistant and proceeds to argue with him every time he comes in to eat her Strawberry Shortcake. Kanata then forces her into participating in his deception by telling her mother that he’s her fiance

What I think of him: Kanata is pushy and enjoys teasing the MC and pushing the her buttons. He’s a popular erotic novelist (although his identity isn’t known by the public), and although he always has a perverted comment ready for the MC, he is very serious about his writing. He says that he writes from his imagination rather than his experience. Because of a bad relationship in his past and because of his work, Kanata doesn’t think he will ever find a wife. Kanata loves his grandmother and parents, but frequently felt lonely as a child. He has been writing since he was very young, but after many submissions only an erotic novel he opened was published leading to his current occupation. Kanata has a reputation for always meeting his deadlines, but when they near Kanata has a hard time juggling his work and his health

Nickname: Kana

Charm point: Drinks are his enemy

Quote: “I can’t even imagine a day without you now.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Get teased by all the suggestive things he says

Would have eloped with:

  • Kazuki, because he seems to feel competitive towards Kanata
  • Sosuke, because he wants a long lasting love
  • Yuto, because he’s unexpectedly the devoted type and he offers to bring the MC into his family

Favorite moments:

  • The MC reading in the library and just looking up and Kanata being right next to her (this moment with the CG took my breath away for a second)
  • Kanata accurately pegging the type of lovers Sosuke and Yuto are

Worst moments:

  • Kanata is a sleezeball for the first three chapters or so, and I don’t apprieciate how the MC was cornered into accepting his proposal
  • Just after the MC and Kanata finish discussing how a famous author was cheated on and dumped, the MC wishes that she will find someone to love. It is a random and strange thought for that moment
  • The ending (everything after the MC meeting Kanata again in the library) felt very rushed
  • A book titled “Finally, in Love Again”, lame

Worth the price of admission?: The first couple chapters of this route feel very My Forged Wedding, and more the bad part of that game than the good part. This similarity and Kanata’s sleeziness was making me regret playing this route, but things get better after the first couple of chapters, when the fake engagement is over. Since Kanata spends so much time teasing the MC, and the MC spends her time getting mad at Kanata, their relationship is entertaining to watch. Additionally, the meet of the conflict, especially leading up to the climax, is pretty great. Although this route felt very rushed overall (especially towards the end), overall it was a good read

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • The Proposal Epilogue: The MC and Kanata go another date shortly after becoming engaged, but after that they aren’t able to see each other for a while because of the approach of Kanata’s deadline. After seeing how malnourished Kanata has become, the MC decides to stay over at his place for a while to cook for him. This is a very sedate epilogue. Like the main/proposal route, it tries to get through a lot of content in a short time so it is also a bit rushed. This causes strange things like their first time happening in Chapter 1 when it would normally end on that. It’s kind of funny how they kept the horn dog theme with Kanata even though in the other routes this behavior is attributed to the guy’s youth. It is also great to see how serious Kanata is about his work and how much influence the MC has over him

Notable substories: Haven’t read any for Kanata

Recommended routes:

Aoi Shirafuji


Plot Summary: The MC chooses Aoi as her butler because he seems like the nicest. Aoi makes the MC’s life easier in a multitude of small ways and soon she can’t help but begin to lean on him. But even though Yuma accuses Aoi of spoiling the MC, she can’t help but notice a streak of coldness hiding beneath his kindness

What I think of him: Aoi is charming, kind, and everything that the MC wishes a butler to be (in the beginning of Yuma and Tomoki’s routes as well). He caters to her whims and is always on her side, even against the other butlers. Aoi can also be cold and calculating (also mischievous and a bit of a tease). He firmly believes that if you want something, you should take it, even if you need to use underhanded methods to achieve your ends. He has been neglected by his family for his elder brother -who was the only one who cared for him- to the point that after his brother died, Aoi was told that it should have been him instead of his brother. He is trying to meet his family’s expectations but isn’t able to succeed no matter what he does. He thinks that the MC must have led a happy, carefree life to end up so naive and trusting

Nickname: None

Charm point: He scratches his nose when he’s lying, so he’s a little obvious

Quote: “It’s only meeting you and spending time with you that has, mysteriously, made my heart feel full.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Share secrets

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments:

  • That the MC assigned the Darth Vader theme as her Boss’s ringtone
  • Visit to Destiny Land and later the visit to Dream World Studios
  • The early part of the MC’s first photo shoot
  • The MC taking care of Aoi when he’s sick
  • Eating dinner with all the butlers

Worst moments:

  • I don’t understand Iwamoto. He was scary, then he was nice and seemed to care about Aoi, and then he’s chasing the MC and Aoi around
  • Aoi is strangely extremely mean when the MC is being held in the Shirafuji mansion. It feels more like this is due to tension reasons rather than Aoi’s actual character
  • Aoi becoming a butler again at the end is cliche and only happens because the theme of this game is butlers

Worth the price of admission?: Right now (with Yuma, Aoi, and Tomoki routes released) Aoi is my favorite in this game. Aoi is so nice and it’s easy to see why the MC begins falling for him. (His personality is also more realistic for a top butler since I don’t think Yuma’s personality would get him far in real life.) The twist in his personality and his backstory fulfills my need for a tortured hero. The drama and WTF moments have been toned down from Yuma’s route, and although Aoi’s route is still a little overdramatic, things are back within tolerable levels. Plus the stuff about amusement parks is interesting and much better than the Ichijo Group just being involved in unspecified “business”.

I wasn’t initially going to play Aoi’s route, but I was very pleasantly surprised; so chalk that up as another time Voltage got me with a guy I wasn’t in to at first

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • In His Eyes: The main route from Aoi’s point-of-view. This reveals a lot about Aoi’s family life and how mistreated he was by his father. This also settles that Iwamoto was in charge of caring for Aoi as a child and is now Aoi’s secretary; also he is very much a bad guy. This PoV route is pretty good and gives a lot of context to what Aoi was thinking, but it misses one of the most important scenes in my opinion – Aoi confronting the MC while she’s being held in the Shirafuji mansion. Still I was overall very satisfied and happy with this PoV route
  • Lovers After Hours: A couple days after the MC and Aoi begin going out and the two have received the blessings of her father. Then the MC is sent home to Kyushu on a business trip. The MC has prepared herself for a short separation from her sweetheart but is surprised to find Aoi seated next to her on the plane. In this story the MC and Aoi figure out what it means for him to be both her butler and her boyfriend. It’s great; very sweet, a little cute, and a little sexy
  • After Sunrise: The MC wants to go on a romantic cruise date with Aoi, and Aoi mistakes her desire and gets her invited to a function hosted by her father on a ship. This was a very sweet route with a Cinderella theme. The MC resumes her lady training with all the butlers but is more willing this time and it’s nice to see it pay off in the end. There’s also lots of kissing, but the MC falls asleep before things get further than that
  • Completion Bonus: A “Butler Bares All” interview that you get if you purchase all the routes prior to this. The information is not spoilery so it can be read at any point, even pre-main route, and the CG you get is scream worthy

Notable substories: None yet

Recommended routes:

Tomoki Matsuba


Plot Summary: The MC chooses the calmest looking of the butlers, Tomoki, to serve her. Little did she know that Tomoki would keep her on a tight schedule, going so far as to schedule her activities down to the second. Tomoki tells the MC that he wants to make her into a lady to repay her father, but she also overhears him saying that they don’t have much time left for her lessons

What I think of him: Tomoki is serious, strict, and has a way of being honest but verbally brutal. He likes making plans and hates having to deviate from them. He is very good at taking care of plants but has been said to loose interest in them after the flowers boom. He always puts his family’s needs before his own, and actions related to this has caused him to become an “emotionless shell” of who he was. The weight of expectations he experiences as the eldest son of his respected family is heavy but he bears them with dignity. Even though he loves his younger brother, Itsuki, he is also envious of Itsuki’s natural genius; while Tomoyuki is a perfectionist he has had to put in endless hard work to meet his own expectations

Nickname: Mr. Butler, Robot Butler, Tomo

Charm point: He’s a worrier and when he gets going he becomes a little clumsy

Quote: “I’m not letting go of what’s important to me anymore… I can’t give up on something I love.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Play piano side-by-side

Would have eloped with:

  • Itsuki, because he’s such a great brother and he provides such a good contrast to Tomoki

Favorite moments:

  • Tomoki arranging the MC’s schedule so she hits all walk signs on the way to work
  • The MC putting Tomoki’s etiquette lessons to use
  • The MC sounding like Tomoki when she accidentally misses her lessons
  • Tomoki’s face when he walks in and sees the MC playing piano with Itsuki
  • Playing piano side by side
  • The MC being amazed by seeing Tomoki eat and actually confessing that she (half-seriously) thought he was a robot
  • The Soothing Ending was wonderful

Worst moments:

  • Yukari might as well have not gotten a sprite, because she wasn’t so important so much as Tomoyuki having anyone as his fiance
  • As much of an issue as everyone makes of Tomoyuki’s engagement, he sure gets over it easily when it comes down to it

Worth the price of admission?: This romance in this one is nice and slow, not really kicking in until closer to the end of the route. I appreciated this since Tomoki’s strict and quietness really required a little more time to see past. There’s not so much “oh he’s mean but secretly nice” and more “oh he was only nice because he’s getting something out of it”.

Tomoki’s route has a bundle of family issues and it is interesting how much of his issues were caused and/or exacerbated by his own decisions/thoughts. The family issues were the most interesting things to me in this route, far beyond the fiance stuff which almost didn’t need to be included

Overall, this won’t go down as one of my favorite routes or guys, but I liked it much more than Yuma’s route

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • In His Eyes: The main route from Tomoki’s point-of-view. I always love a His PoV, but this one is just okay. It tries to get through a lot of scenes in a short amount of time so some scenes are too short (the MC missing a lesson and returning home after midnight) and other important scenes aren’t shown at all. It was good for being able to see how aware Tomoki is about his personality. The best part of this story for me was being able to learn more about his family situation
  • Lovers After Hours: Even though they are going out, nothing has really changed in the MC and Tomoyuki’s relationship. Then the MC gathers her courage and asks Tomoyuki out on a date. This is a cute epilogue for Tomoki, although it is somewhat predictable. It addresses the problems that you should be able to guess the two would have, the two have their first date, and then they go home and make out. As I said, pretty basic, but personally I love seeing Voltage’s cyborg guys try to be sweet and how they just can’t figure it out without help

Notable substories: None yet

Recommended routes: