Sota Yamamoto


Plot Summary: One morning the MC receives a confession at the train station on the way to school. The one confessing to her is a scary looking student from an all-boys high school. The MC’s friend pull her away thinking that Sota is intimidating her, and when they find out about the confession they encourage the MC to turn him down since he looks like bad news. But the MC can’t help but notice Sota and his kindness of the train, and she after thinking it over she decides to give Sota a chance and go out with him

What I think of him: Sota looks intimidating and is very quiet.  He is a very generous and kind guy who can’t stand by when someone needs help. He’s very passionate about motocross and seriously intends to pursue the sport professionally; he is also a lover of military history. He’s very shy even though he doesn’t really care about the opinions of the public. Sota is very honest and upfront but can also be competitive and a little oblivious. He seems like a loner but he cares deeply for those who decide to be at his side

Nickname: None

Charm point: He blushes very easily

Quote: “She is the one thing… I can’t let go…”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Cuddle, behind him on his bike or with him behind while watching videos

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments:

  • The first date. So awkward and yet so adorable
  • The date at Sota’s house
  • Taking Sota’s good-luck photo
  • Yas is rough around the edges but such a great friend
  • Taking shelter in the beach house
  • The MC giving Sota a massage

Worst moments:

  • The MC says that she can’t stand when people judge others from their appearance, but she stood by for a week as her friends did just that

Worth the price of admission?: What Sota’s route becomes is pretty predictable considering what type of character he is, but I actually don’t mind it since his relationship with the MC is fairly new and the route doesn’t really dwell on the issue much (unlike a certain other, similar character). I really did enjoy this route though since Sota had a good balance of boldness and adorable shyness, and the MC also tried to have a good balance of inexperience and boldness. If you like quiet types and shoujo manga then this is a good buy

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: Sota and the MC go on a date to an amusement park. The MC is having a blast, but it doesn’t seem like Sota is having as much fun. This was a cute epilogue, and not only do you get to see what part of a woman’s body is attractive to Sota, but you also get to see one of his weak points
  • Sequel: The MC and Sota’s six month anniversary is coming up, but to the MC’s disappointment Sota doesn’t seems to remember it. When the MC is home alone for the weekend and a stranger banging on her door, the MC and Sota must decide if they will stay together at her place or go over to his. This sequel was pretty cute, and although I enjoyed both sides of the route split going to His Place is my favorite by a little bit. There is plenty of the Sota being cute and the MC getting a taste of the newlywed life. Although there is a little tension from the forgotten anniversary and the MC’s brother’s ex-girlfriend, this is mostly an enjoyable fluff piece

Notable substories:

  • Wish Upon a Star: Sota takes the MC camping so they can get a better look at the star. Sota is very comfortable doing outdoorsy things, but the MC is very unfamiliar with it. Sota’s point-of-view chapter makes this story. It is super sweet and also funny. If you like Sota definitely check this one out
  • Before I Asked You Out: Just before his bold confession, Sota reminiscences about how he came to like the MC. This is very cute, because Sota is pretty much always cute
  • Love 101: The MC, Sota, and almost everyone else is off to study camp in the mountains. The MC is happy to see Sota getting along with the guys from her school, but then he begins asking a little strange. It is so much fun getting to see Sota interacting with the other guys. Plus when the conversation gets derailed in the boys’ room so much hilarity ensues

Recommended routes:


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