Yuya Abe


Plot Summary: The popular senior Yuya seems to be making contact with the MC frequently lately, and eventually he calls her up to the roof and asks if she would like to hang out on the weekend. Even after they walk home together and go on a date, Yuya doesn’t say anything to confirm whether they’re in a relationship, and the MC is confused as to why or even if Yuya wants her as his girlfriend

What I think of him: Yuya is a cool senpai, and the most wanted man in school. He has a surprising stubborn streak and likes to be contrary at times. He is passionate about surfing, to the point that he says that if you take that away there would be nothing left of him. He also cares deeply for his family, and is especially appreciative of everything his parents have done for him in supporting his surfing. He is very experienced when it comes to women, and the MC frequently feels the one year of difference in their ages. But Yuya can be surprisingly childish at times too, and at times he seems at a lost what to do about his overwhelming feelings about the MC

Nickname: None

Charm point: It is pretty easy to get him embarrassed while the MC is around

Quote: “The reason I was able to keep going for so long… is because of you… Because of you, I was able to take care of everything important. So that’s why… I want to make sure to take care of you, too, from now on.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, while in the water

Would have eloped with: None of the other guys even appear after the prologue

Favorite moments:

  • The passionate way Yuya talks about surfing
  • The MC and Yuya’s first date. It just feels so first date-y
  • How the MC’s friends watch out for her
  • George is an awesome role model and is full of good advice
  • Yuya’s reason for initially liking the MC
  • The girls critiquing sweets
  • Yuya and the MC cooking together

Worst moments:

  • Maki is a little too annoying in her first couple of scenes
  • Yuya is so sure of his feeling about the MC that I’m surprised that Misaki’s reappearance “threw” him

Worth the price of admission?: Yuya is basically Yamato Kurosawa from Say “I Love You”/Suki-tte ii na yo, he looks and act similar, and has a similar vibe. This story is pretty cute, except for a few moments when it feels like Yuya’s personality changes too dramatically. There isn’t much of an overall plot, and much like a manga the story just moves from one subplot to another with the subplots having very little to do with each other. It felt really noticeable in this route, just because the subplots were so dramatic and shoujo manga, but just observing the MC’s first love is the theme and trend of the game. Still if Yuya (or Yamato) is your type of guy, you’ll enjoy this

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: Yuya is teaching the MC to surf, but she happens to catch him staring at a pretty girl and becomes aware that she has gained a little weight while trying on wetsuites. Yuya’s putting the MC through the ringer with his teasing in this one, and the MC gets him to fall in love with her all over again. If you like Yuya then you’ll really enjoy this Epilogue because both characters are at their best
  • Sequel: The MC and Yuya aren’t able to spend much time together because he is busy studying for his college entrance exams. However their six month anniversary is coming up, and Yuya may not be able to attend his last high school festival because of cram school. The MC must choose between asking Yuya to attend the festival with her, or remaining the supportive girlfriend and putting his studies first. I really enjoyed this sequel and the answers are pretty easy since the major splits hinge on one question each. The Be Supportive Path and the Be Selfish Path both have their own little issues, but I enjoyed them both, but the Be Selfish Path is slightly more my favorite

Notable substories:

  • Wish Upon a Star: With Yuya safely in college, he and the MC make plans to go stargazing. Then George invites them to go boating with him and his girlfriend instead. Some of this is boring, but the MC learns a good lesson about saying things, and things get pretty cute later on. Plus Yuya is adorable in his point-of-view chapter
  • Before I Asked You Out: A story from Yuya’s point-of-view about how he came to like the MC and his thoughts prior to asking her out. I loved seeing the incident that caused Yuya to fall for the MC, and Yuya is really adorable in this one because he freaks out about everything relating to the MC. Plus there is a scene where Yuya is taking to Takumi because he’s trying to get information on the MC and it was exactly what I wanted after learning that they knew each other from middle school
  • Love 101: Everyone is headed up into the mountains for a study camp. The MC is excited to be in the same English class as Yuya, but her confidence is threatened by strict lessons and the native English-speaking teacher. Yuya really has a support role in this since this story is more about the MC’s development. It wasn’t super romantic, but I enjoyed seeing the MC grow in confidence

Recommended routes:


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