Plot Summary: The MC is the fiance of the King of Niflheim, Jean. Jean is very fun to be with, but Jean loves everyone equally. When the king of a neighboring kingdom, Leo, takes an interest in the MC, she learns that Jean intends for her to be part of his harem. The MC slowly comes to realize that she wants to be a special existence to Jean, but even as she tells Jean this, their relationship beings to stir unrest in several directions

What I think of him: Jean is cheerful, happy, and more than a little frivolous. Even though he seems like a complete airhead, he is the one who loves Niflheim the most, especially the lady residents. He created Niflheim but originally he was alone, and this seems to have scarred him. Jean might be rash and a loud mouth, but he is also very sensitive. He goes through life with a sense of childlike wonder even though he is capable of terrible (but also wonderful) things

Nickname: King of Destruction

Charm point: His exuberant adoration of the MC

Quote: “From the fingers on your hands to the hair on your head, all the way to your heart… you’re all mine… And in return, I’m all yours, too.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Go out with on an adventure

Would have eloped with:

  • Orlando, because he’s basically Jean’s mom

Favorite moments:

  • The MC telling Jean that wants to marry someone that she’s special to, and then later telling him that she won’t marry him unless she loves him
  • Jean teaching the MC things like sword fighting
  • the MC helping out on the front lines
  • Everyone giving the MC and Jean wedding presents

Worst moments:

  • Leo’s end motivation was way too stupid, even for Leo and Jean’s level of idiocy

Worth the price of admission?: Jean might not be entirely likable in the other routes, but I found him to be a very interesting character in his own route. He is very childish, but proves willing to grow-up in the most important areas. Additionally, he’s not all happiness and sunshine, there’s a core of pain and fear in him too. Some parts of the plot are silly and whatever, but overall this was one of the routes I enjoyed most in this game

Notable substories:

  • Truffles and Troubles: This mini-story is about Jean giving the MC a present to celebrate a special anniversary. It’s cute to see how much Jean treasures the MC, and how she is learning to handle him

Recommended routes:


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