Kaiji Akizuki


Plot Summary: The MC chooses Kaiji as her bodyguard and finds herself a target of a hit man called Marvelous Mariko. In some ways Kaiji is the same guy that the MC knew as a child, but as he continues to protect her, the MC becomes more and more aware that Kaiji is very much an adult

What I think of him: Kaiji is a jock and is an Olympic hopeful for judo. He works out a lot in his free time and is confident in his physical abilities. He is also a little brash with a mouth that is a little too free. Unexpectedly he is also pretty smart, although he doesn’t really show it. He manages to still act a little childishly when with the MC, his childhood friend and first crush. He especially likes to tease her. He’s pretty straightforward and dislikes the political maneuvering that goes on in the police force. He takes pride in his work (and in his judo) and wants to give it his all. He spends a lot of time complaining about his elder sisters (the three witches as he calls them), but he really loves them

Nickname: Meanie, Butler Kaiji

Charm point: He proposed to the MC when they were little

Quote: “It’s still me job to worry about you. I’ll always look after you.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, the first one was lame, but they get better

Would have eloped with:

  • Ishigami, because he’s a grinch but his inner softy shows a little
  • Subaru, because he has a soft spot for strong women

Favorite moments:

  • Kaiji getting jealous of everyone admiring the MC in her fancy clothes
  • The MC defending the bodyguards against Ishigami
  • The ferris wheel ride, the rescue, and the confession

Worst moments:

  • The sisters are slightly too annoying, although I did enjoy them at times

Worth the price of admission?: Kaiji is a pretty standard example of Voltage’s childhood friend type. The assassination attempts are good for exciting moments but the whole plot behind it remains unimportant and in the background, which is fine in this case. Kaiji and the MC encouraging each other to grow is nice, but I never felt like there was any danger that they wouldn’t. The only down side about this route is that it sort of feels like very little happened

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: Kaiji’s final tournament to qualify for the Olympics is coming up and afterwards Kaiji and the MC plan to spend the weekend together. Unfortunately whether they will manage to be alone is another question. It’s a cute epilogue and I was feeling the love, but I am also getting the feeling that this paring is a little bit of a joke since they keep getting interrupted and it’s played for laughs
  • Sequel: Kaiji tells the MC that he has something to say to her if he wins his next judo tournament. But just when he s about to speak, the new group targeting the MC causes their car to crash. As a result Kaiji has lost all of his older memories, including those of his childhood with the MC. Adding to the MC’s insecurity, Katsuragi pulls in a female bodyguard from another squad who seems close to Kaiji. This was a pretty good sequel, Kaiji was adorable for him and it was a nice twist that he forgot their old memories rather than the recent past

Notable substories:

  • Chocolate Rush: Valentine’s Day is coming up and Kaiji has taken the afternoon off to go on a date with the MC. The two of them decide to go to a theme park and they end up participating in a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt. It’s nice to see Kaiji and the MC get some uninterrupted time together, and his desire for homemade chocolate over fancy store bought chocolates is great
  • Go Go SP Rangers!: The Bodyguards and Ishigami’s squad are asked to throw a Ranger Show to promote public safety and then the MC and Kousugi get involved. It’s just as funny as it sounds and is really appropriate for Kaiji as you see if you choose to go off with him in the end
  • Sport Day: The Bodyguards are taking part in the annual police force sports day and the MC goes along to cheer for them. However she ends up being pulled into being Kaiji’s partner for the three-legged race. This was cute and realistic considering the MC’s fitness level compared to members of the police force. From all the proposal talk this story clearly sits between the Epilogue and Sequel, but the conversation about the MC’s future points more clearly to some of the stories after these two

Recommended routes:


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