Plot Summary: The MC is given some time to decide which vigilante will watch over her, but on her way home a man tries to sell her into a brothel. She is saved by a Willem, a foreign merchant, who pays for her freedom. Out of a desire to repay him for what he’s done and the money he spent, the MC moves in with Willem and becomes his assistant and his housekeeper. But even though he has been nothing but kind to her, there is an aspect of his business that Willem is keeping secret from the MC

What I think of him: Williem is very kind and gentlemanly towards the MC. He’s very polite and a little more familiar with her than proper. He is very open to Japanese culture but he is always willing to share information about his culture as well. Even though he is gentle and caring with the MC, Willem is also a cold man, and he believes that money is the only thing that won’t betray a person. He holds loyalty to neither Tori nor his organization beyond getting money from them and self preservation respectively

Nickname: The (Blonde) Foreigner

Charm point: Roses are his favorite

Quote: “It’s too bad we didn’t meet sooner.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Have tea together

Would have eloped with:

  • Hotaka, because he is so supportive and is the only one who isn’t being a jerk about Willem (Aoi and Sion) or fading into the background (Soji, Natsume, and Wakasa)

Favorite moments:

  • The gentle way Willem treats the MC and how much he seems to enjoy her meals
  • The later rose garden scenes
  • Willem rescuing the MC and the boat scene
  • The MC’s agonizing over the decision she must make and what she does decide in Chapter 10

Worst moments:

  • The beginning of the Happy Ending was rushed and tried to jam in a bunch of information to get to the good parts
  • Also in the Happy Ending, Willem says that he “got caught” but that never happened

Worth the price of admission?: I was really excited for Willem’s route since Azusa’s route was so wonderful, and Willem’s route was good, but it could have been better. Willem’s badness just didn’t go far enough. Once Azusa’s real personality was revealed he was a really mean guy enough to make you almost hate him (actually many people probably did hate him), Willem got revealed as a bad guy, but he didn’t do many bad things on screen so he wasn’t hitting the level of villainy that he should have (and Willem almost raped the MC in Sion’s route so he has it in him). Towards the end Willem tells the MC that she changed him, but because he continues to act the same as he has towards her throughout the route, you can’t really see that for yourself. Additionally, I ended up liking the Happy Ending best, since the Normal end just fell short (if they would have reunited or had the MC getting on a boat at the very end it would have been fine) and the Sweet Ending is interesting, but ultimately didn’t win me over.

So Willem’s route was okay, but it deifinity didn’t live up to the hype cause by waiting for him

Notable substories: None yet

Recommended routes:


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