Yuta Kajima


Plot Summary: The MC is living and working at Kunihiko’s bar while looking for a real job and getting to know the guys as they always come in to hang out. One day Yuta comes in and reports that he is going to be on a “reality” television show about his newlywed life with the bossy controlling wife that he doesn’t actually have. But when the MC is linked to Yuta in a tabloid, his shot at greater fame is in jeopardy. Feeling guilty, the MC volunteers to be Yuta’s fake wife on the show and ends up having to live with the comedian full time

What I think of him: Yuta is cheerful and a bit of a clown, which is appropriate considering that he’s part of a comedy duo. He has a childlike exuberance and optimism that lightens the room. Even though he is always joking around he is actually very intelligent, and he even went to a prestigious high school which is where he met his comedy partner and best friend. Yuta is a very hard worker and his desire to make Fukumimi big nearly borders on desperation. Yuta is a very loyal guy and although he’s a good man, he doesn’t mind dirtying himself or taking a fall if it’s for the sake of those he cares about

Nickname: None

Charm point: His ears? Apparently they are big and fun to touch (for luck)

Quote: “I think I’ll be able to endure a scary wife, if it’s you.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, while he’s sleeping

Would have eloped with:

  • Ren, because he’s so adorably honest and unintentionally harsh

Favorite moments:

  • Yuta sitting back-to-back with the MC and comforting her (and the story about Takao’s plan)
  • I like Yuu’s character after he’s over being a zombie
  • How the guys react when the MC says that she wants to support Yuta and Fukumimi
  • The MC’s last night at Yuta’s apartment. The emotions of both the MC and Yuta are so clear and heart-wrenching, especially the MC’s actions when she thinks Yuta’s asleep
  • Everyone leaving a supporting voicemail for Yuta

Worst moments:

  • The MC “finds out” about Yuu and why Yuta is doing the scary wife show from Lily, but she heard the exact same information from Yuta the night before

Worth the price of admission?: Yuta’s was a route I never intended to get but I heard it was good so I ended up buying and playing it, and it was better than I anticipated although Yuta will never be one of my favorites. There is just something to be said about a guy who is genuinely nice and has a pretty lighthearted and straightforward route. I will say that there were some strange things about the route (like how the MC is so determined to help Yuta when they are only acquaintances) and Yuta’s confession at the end does feel rough. But overall this was a a good route for a light read

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: Yuta wins a travel voucher on a quiz show, and he and the MC take off to see the northern lights. The couple are bursting with excitement for their trip but things keep going wrong and it’s getting harder and harder for the two of them to see the bright side. This epilogue was pretty meh as far as the set up went. I did love the end once they get to the secret location (which is awesome)

Notable substories:

  • Summer Love with My Husband: Yuta wins a matching yukata set for him and the MC and the two of them promise to go to the summer festival together. Yuta is so caring towards the MC that it’s pretty cute. The middle bit with the fans is pretty forgettable, but links well with matter in future routes
  • His Feelings: This has a three short scenes from Yuta’s point-of-view: the last night the MC spends at his house, Yuta moving out of the apartment he shared with the MC, and a scene from the “Your 1st Valentine’s Day” substory. They picked the best scene from the main route to get Yuta’s PoV (the MC kissing him scene). The moving PoV was entertaining and it tried to fill in some small plot holes which was nice although I didn’t buy it all. The last PoV was great since it showed how the MC unintentionally gets Yuta heated up

Recommended routes:


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