Shall We Date: Destiny Ninja 2 +

Destiny Ninja 2 +

Company: Solmare

Cost: Free

Synopsis: There is a prophecy that one day the symbols of the villages will become polluted and ayakashi will appear and attack.The MC, the only descendant able to wield the Three Sacred Treasures, is the one who must purify the symbols before she comes of age or Yamato will fall into ruin. But she won’t go on her quest alone. The MC has childhood friends who are the descendants of ninja and warriors of those who helped her ancestress rescue the Three Sacred Treasures. And since it would be a hassle to go around will all eight of her childhood friends, she must select one of the to be her companion on the journey.

MC: The MC is very resposible. She has been raised to honor her duty and is determined to see it done. She has spent years training as a ninja and can take care of herself, but she is also a little sheltered and has pretty much only seen the positive side of life. She is adored by her childhood friends, and even though she hasn’t seen them in a couple of years, they tend to fight over her (and over other things as well). She is sort of the keeper of the peace between the guys and is always calling their attention back to the situation at hand when they derail. When she is angry all the guys shut up and listen


  • Hattori Hanzo Ayu: Descendant of Kazemasa. He was considered in the running for the Spring Village leadership, be resigned himself. He is frequently compared to his ancestor and has a very detached nature
  • Fuyukiku: Ran’s brother. He is called the God Child by his village and is considered to be the next leader of the Winter Village despire Ran being older. He is more restrained and refined than his impulsive brother
  • Kaito: Descendant of Enya and the next leader of the Summer Village. A strong, dependable ninja who dislikes being compared with his ancestor
  • Kikyo: Descendant of Goyo and possibly the next leader of the Autumn Village. He is very strict and forward about his opinions. He is very vocal about his belief in the superiority of the urban villages over the country villages
  • Ran: Descendant of Mizuki, son the the leader of the Winter Village, and Fuyukiku’s twin. He is brash, lively, and curious, despite frequently being looked down on.
  • Rindoh: Descendant of Benki and a warrior of the Autumn Village. He is one of the eldest out of the group and he tends to act as everyone’s big brother and is friendly maturity is key to keeping the peace
  • Shiroya: Descendant of Hyuga and a ninja of the Summer Village. He is sunny, cheerful, and a good cook. He always shows a smile to the world but there is another side to him that very few know about
  • Yayoi: Considered to be the next leader of the Spring Village and Ayu’s close friend. He drives the Spring Village on towards progress. He is very outspoken but usually talks harsher than what he thinks

Impressions: This is a sequel to Shall We Date: Destiny Ninja and takes place several generations after the first game in a past that has diverged from out own. I was on board with this game from the start since I love the idea of seeing the legacy of all the characters and trying to link the traits of the descendants to their ancestors. Of course there are some strange things that went on between the games like in the second game there is a prophecy left my the first game’s MC but she wasn’t prophetic or like why there are now ayakashi when there weren’t before. But overall I was still with this game.

I’m sort of in love with the look of this game. All the character designs are gorgeous and there are so many interesting details like Shiroya’s hood or Ayu’s mask. The backgrounds, especially the locations that need to be purified and the villages are gorgeous and unique. You unfortunately need to pay for items to unlock all the CG, but the ones that I have seen are pretty. Although you need wardrobe items to move forward in the story, but at least you don’t need an item to get the best ending.

Another new addition is the ability to get an epilogue through the fortune slip/raffle feature. This is a mixed bag more me. I appreciate that it frees you to start a different route sooner and let you replay it as you please (which you can do with the endings and premium routes you’ve unlocked anyways). But it also give permits the route to cut off sooner than it should; for example, Shiroya’s epilogue really should have been a part of his final chapter and not a separate add on.

All in all this is a good game, it is worthy to stand amongst the other Solmare ninja games, although maybe not at the head (Shall We Date: Ninja Assassin + is still my favorite). It thankfully doesn’t suffer from the “I’m a ninja and there forth can’t be with you” syndrome that most of the routes in the prequel game suffered and it looks wonderful.

Favorite Guy: Shiroya and Ran

Favorite Route: Ran

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2 thoughts on “Shall We Date: Destiny Ninja 2 +

    • For most of the pictures you have to buy a certain wardrobe item to unlock them; for others, like the first picture and the picture in the best ending, you don’t have to buy anything. If you can live without completing the album then the game is free.


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