Sakuya Nanahoshi


Plot Summary: The MC chooses to share rooms with Sakuya, but little does she know that Sakuya has an extreme phobia of girls. At first things are fine since he doesn’t think of her as a girl, but when he does he begins to go to extreme length to avoid her. Suddenly the two of them are sent off to the Arabian Peninsula to do some research. It turns out that in the background of the MC’s photograph is the kidnapped heir to a Middle Eastern throne, and the Fuse Detective Agency was offered a million dollars to find him for the second queen. The MC is fine with having as little to do with Sakuya as possible, but all the changes when she starts to see his kindness lurking just beneath the surface

What I think of him: Sakuya is quiet, shy, and antisocial. He is very close to Yuriko, but he doesn’t see himself as part of the group but more like someone who is connected to Fuse Detective Agency through his fraternal twin, Kiyoharu. Sakuya has a phobia of girls because a trusted maid who took care of him and Kiyoharu betrayed them (and kissed him) when they were teenagers and their parents died. He manages his gynophobia by not thinking of women as girls but as “Thing X” and it doesn’t really affect him during his investigations. Sakuya is the younger than Kiyoharu and has a small complex concerning his brother. He feels like Kiyoharu is always trying to protect him and doesn’t rely on him (but that he should be able to since they are twins and should be equal). Additionally, he feels like Kiyoharu always outshines him and gets everything. In general he is very unsure about his feelings when it comes to romance and is awkward about everything; he especially has a hard time when it comes to vocalizing his feelings

Nickname: Saku

Charm point: The awkward and indirect way he goes about things is too cute

Quote: “I’ll protect you… So you keep bringing me light.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, somewhere where it shouldn’t (but will probably be) witnessed

Would have eloped with:

  • Kiyoharu, because he tries so hard to be a good big brother

Favorite moments:

  • The way Sakuya and the MC are all buddy-buddy when they get back from the Arabian Peninsula and how it confuses the others
  • Sakuya’s sudden interest in photography and the photographs he gives the MC
  • Sakuya telling the MC that she’s an exception
  • The MC comforting Sakuya on the rooftop after he and Kiyoharu fight
  • Sakuya interfering when the MC is supposed to pretend to be Naomasa’s date for an investigation and when Rui asks her to practice posing for a shot with him
  • The “date” with the MC, Kiyhoaru, and Sakuya
  • Sakuya’s indirect way of trying to get the MC to stay after the case is settled
  • All the guys teasing Sakuya after he confesses to the MC

Worst moments:

  • Nozumu is portrayed as an idiot who believes anything Jamila says just because she’s pretty
  • The MC believes Jamila’s taunts way to easily

Worth the price of admission?: The case in this story really just sits in the background, and it can stay there since it’s my least favorite of all the cases, and I might actually hate it. Sakuya’s character is pretty much a type for Voltage by now, and he’s a pretty typical example of the shy and awkward kind with only two quirks of note: 1) his gynophobia, which I don’t believe since they ignore it when it’s inconvenient and Sakuya gets around it easily enough, and 2) he’s a twin, which is the gold in this route. Sure Sakuya is cute and his shyness and awkwardness gets me all the awws I need, but Sakuya and Kiyoharu’s relationship is fascinating and so well written. The route knows that this relationship is one of the more interesting parts of the story and spends the time digging into both sides of the issue. If you like guys like Sakuya or you like twins, then this is a good route for you

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: Nozumu wins tickets for a hot spring trip and gives it to Sakuya and the MC. The two of them are excited to get to be alone, but then Nozumu realizes that the ticket is for up to six people and suddenly Sakuya and the MC’s alone time is under threat. This was a great epilogue with Sakuya and the MC being so desperate to be alone and the guys interfering so much. Typical for this game there is a scene linking to the sequel at the end, but it’s so exciting that I actually don’t mind it this time around
  • Sequel: Bombings keep happening in the vicinity of the Fuse Detectives and it seems like the bomber is challenging Sakuya specifically. This is actually an interesting case and is so much better than the case in the main route and more like a Metro PD case than anything else. It’s sort of the opposite case from the main route since in this sequel the case outshines the characters. The End Set story is really excellent with Sakuya being both mind-numbingly cute and also very sexy. One annoying thing that made a reappearance is the previews at the end of the chapters, but as long as you’re expecting them they are ignore-able enough
  • Sequel Epilogue: Sakuya and the MC temporarily move in together when the building get flooded. At first everything is as lovey-dovey as the MC could wished, but then Rui makes a comment about how they seem to be more like an old married couple and that Sakuya might get bored of her if the MC doesn’t do anything. This is a pretty chill epilogue and will give you all the cute togetherness you could wish for

Notable substories: Haven’t read any

Recommended routes:


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