Rui Wakaba


Plot Summary: The MC ends up staying with Rui who uses her as a stuffed animal to cuddle with and won’t allow her to sleep on the couch. Shortly after the MC comes to the Fuse Detective Agency, Rui’s manager brings them a job. There is a rumor going around that someone is using meeting Rui in a scheme to prostitute his fan club. Rui is put in charge of the case and after promising to protect her, he convinces the MC to go undercover in his fan club to get some information. As they begin to work together the MC begins to notice that Rui is always acting and starts to want to see the real him

What I think of him: Rui is a former child actor who is very aware of how the public sees him and what is expected of him. Rui is always acting, to the point that not even he knows what exactly he’s like. He’s also a bit of a liar and the MC is always uncertain whether she can trust what he’s saying. Rui can be kind and charming, but he in private he is equally likely to be cold and almost malicious. He tends to be a little careless and very willful. Nozumu says that Rui has yet to mature and is going through his rebellious phase, and I would definitely emphasize the immature part of that. Of himself, Rui says that he tends to tease and ruin the things he cares about

Nickname: RuRu

Charm point: He can’t sleep without cuddling something

Quote: “What I wanted all along… was you.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Cuddle, in bed

Would have eloped with:

  • Nozumu. because he talks with the MC after Rui first blows up at her and also offers to comfort her if they fight again
  • Naomasa, because he’s the one who fulfills Rui’s promise and also because he said he would be in the MC’s corner in the case of a sexual harassment lawsuit

Favorite moments:

  • The sexy photo shoot with Rui and the MC
  • Rui asking the MC not to leave him in his sleep
  • When Rui starts being honest
  • The guys are always fun when they get together, especially in the Sweet Trap Ending
  • Rui’s awkward confession in the Sweet Trap Ending
  • The Ending set is steamy and continues the feel of the Bitter Trap Ending

Worst moments:

  • When the landlady comes in to collect the rent it seems like some of the scenes are missing
  • Rui not rescuing the MC when she’s being assaulted. They tried to explain this away, but it doesn’t work for me. If they wanted to have Rui break his promise he should have just stayed in the car. Also his abrasiveness after the attack is also entirely unnecessary

Worth the price of admission?: Rui’s description as “lazy” and “a master of disguise” feels like false advertisement since he doesn’t every lay about or complain about all of his work and he doesn’t disguise himself beyond a hat and glasses. He comes off as a lot colder and more self-destructive than I was anticipating, and his treatment of the MC through most of the route makes you wonder why she falls for him instead of writing him off as a jerk. He really is immature in the sense that he doesn’t know how to deal with other people honestly. Towards the end Rui begins to show promise as a love interest and the SEQUEL, but similar to Chiaki, I don’t know if it is worth buy and wading through the rough seas to get the the good parts (post the MC affecting him)

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: Nozumu secretly signed the MC up for an audition to a girl pop idol troop for a new case. While the MC is investigating one of the pop idols she discovers that Rui has a connection with the producer of the idol troop, and Rui challenges her to use her detective skills to figure out the connection.  The MC and Rui learn the importance of communicating honestly and without fear of how the other will react. This is actually a cute epilogue if you ignore all the harping on how the MC is going to be the “cougar idol”. You can definitely see how Rui is slowly maturing as a human but he still remain very him
  • Sequel: Rui gets a new case and has to go undercover as the school nurse at a prestigious all girls school in order to investigate one of the teachers. Rui and the MC begin to clash over their ideals and this time the MC is the one telling a white lie. This sequel felt a little fragmented since there is the plot with the teacher and there’s a separate plot with Rui and his work. Both are pretty interesting, but they don’t really have anything to do with each other, not even thematically. Rui continued to grow as a character and the understanding that he previously limited to the MC and those he knew, expanded into sympathy for others. I liked it more than the main route, but I don’t think Rui will ever be very popular as a love interest
  • Sequel Epilogue: Rui will star in a new drama about a couple living together, and since he is having a hard time getting into character he asks the MC to live with him for a week. At first everything is great, but soon Rui’s attitude towards money begins to bother the MC. This was a great epilogue and it’s nice seeing how much power the MC can wield over Rui since the power dynamic usually swings the other way. Plus a (secretly) desperate to please Rui is too cute

Notable substories: Haven’t read any

Recommended routes:


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