Princess of Monaco – My 3 Months Filled with Love and Roses –


Company: Koyonplete

Cost: Free or Pay to Play

Synopsis: The MC arrives in Monaco, having decided to visit the country in honor of Princess Leticia, who recently passed away. Princess Leticia is renounced throughout the world, as is her rose garden. At the airport the MC encounters a handsome man who tells her to attend an event at the palace. In the rose garden she meets a boy, Camille, who tells her she will be the princess and who bring her to a ball. Everyone at the ball has a rose to be exchanged with their dance partner. All the women hope to obtain a rose with a gold ribbon from one of the country’s five princes. The MC doesn’t think that she is a contender for the roses of the princes, but one by one she encounters handsome and famous Princes of Monaco. Then, as she’s standing on the sidelines, a prince approaches her from behind, and asks if he can have her rose.

When I finish it, you will find a link to my walkthrough of this game here.

MC: The MC is a floral designer. She loves flowers and greatly admires the recently deceased Princess Consort, Leticia, to the point that she got a work visa and came to Monaco without much of a plan. Even though she has worked for a florist for six years, she still feels like she has a lot left to learn. She doesn’t seem to pay much attention to the television since she didn’t recognize any of the princes, although she did know about Jean by reputation, Like a typical otoge heroine she is kind-hearted and a little clumsy’ she is also weak to children and animals. She won’t stand by when witnessing an injustice, and at times she forgets that the princes are princes and treats them as normal guys


  • Charles Garmaldi: A prince who seems like he came straight out of a fairy tale. He owns the famous Casion de Monte-Carlo.
  • Philippe Garmaldi: A straight forward and stubborn prince. He’s very businesslike and brusque, but he is well loved by the citizens and is very capable
  • Theo Garmaldi: The Prince Blessed by the Goddess of Victory. In addition to being a prince, Theo is a professional athlete. He is aggressive, a little rough, and more than a little wild. He is the only prince who doesn’t live in the palace and is also the only one to have a parent who wasn’t nobility (his father)

Impressions: Princess of Monaco is Koyonplete’s highly anticipated (by me at least) and highly advertised new release. It features princes, a motif I’m not too fond of, but Koyonplete kept advertising the voice acting (I’m a sucker for voiced otoge), it had a prince who was a professional soccer player (I’m a sucker for athlete routes), and the trailer was decent. So all in all this game was receiving all the hype I could spare between Code: Realize and Norn9. Luckily I had the two Vita games to hold me over otherwise I might have withered in agony while waiting for PoM to release for iOS. And while there are some things to not like and many details to be questioned, all in all I think this game lived up to my excited anticipation (and more so than Butler After Midnight did IMO).

So for Princess of Monaco there are a couple big things to point out. The least notable of the big things (for me) is that yes Princess Leticia is pretty much Grace Kelly, Koyonplete didn’t even even bother to change the country name or the House of the Royal Family. It didn’t bother me, but some people might have particularly strong feelings about this one way or another.

At $7.99 per route or $14.99 for the Gold Novel Pass on sale. This game is pretty expensive for a mobile otoge which normally range from $2.99-$4.99 per route; even Koyonplete’s Gold Novel Passes generally go for $7.99. The only way I can reason out the cost is that this game is much longer than other Koyonplete games with twenty total chapters for each character (and maybe also due to hiring high profile VAs, but it’s not like Koyonplete hasn’t had voiced games before).

Koyonplete really played up the voice acting of this game, but it’s not entirely voiced, and I don’t mean in the not entirely voiced way that Seal of Lycoris is with only the targets guy being voiced in his own route. In Princess of Monaco you only get one voice act per chapter. It’s unfortunate and feels a little like false advertisement, but my phone’s memory is probably grateful. But what voice acting there is, is very nice.

The last big issue is the CG, or lack therefore. For a game this long and expensive, you’d expect to get several CG, but really there are three per character with closeups and cut off shots to fill up the album. It’s disappointing because there are moments that are just perfect for a CG, but nope.

So those are my major issues with the game (and also that they keep switching back and forth between saying “crown prince” and “sovereign prince” which are two different things). Despite how long I spent harping on them, I actually really enjoyed the game. Even though the voice acting wasn’t every chapter, when I heard it my heart was pounding. Although there really are only three CG per character, they are so pretty. Koyonplete did good things, I just wanted more, and I actually felt that my money was well spent on this game (although I wish there were a fast forward button and more save files). I can’t exactly put my finger on the entire reason for enjoy this game while the Be My Princess games left me indifferent, but maybe I just like the struggle for succession and the fact that the princes were way more like celebrities than princes since all the routes include troubles with the press.

Also, there is no bad or normal ending in this game. The choices you make in the first ten chapters cause a split to either the Affection Route or Attraction Route, but both lead to their own Honey End and share an Epilogue.  I probably wouldn’t have liked this is a paid game (even though I did pay), but for such a long free-to-play this is a great idea since nothing is worse than working on a route for a month and finding out you only go the normal ending. So even if you don’t want to spend the money to buy the passes, this game is definitely worth a play for free.

Favorite Guy: Theo

Favorite Route: Philippe (Affection Route)

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10 thoughts on “Princess of Monaco – My 3 Months Filled with Love and Roses –

    • I’m certain that there is probably some sort of minor difference although I can’t pinpoint anything specific (and I was wracking my brains about this the whole time I was playing). But certainly it’s nothing major considering that they both endings hook up to the same epilogue.


    • I paid for the Gold Novel Pass so I wouldn’t be able to say. If it is helpful at all I do remember that playing Tomoyuki’s route in Seal of Lycoris (also a Koyoplete game) took me about two months when I played it FTP, but that game gives you random energy each day. Otherwise, most FTP routes from other companies take about 15 days to a month so long as you don’t get stuck at checkpoints (which aren’t a problem in Koyonplete games).
      Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.


  1. Hi! Do you actually get to play both the attraction and affection route? Can you pls tell me how? I want to try the other routes however I can’t seem to find the map? Do I have to start all over again from the very beginning before I can change the route to attraction/affection vice versa? And also my % of completion is only 78% how can I make it to 100%. Hope you can help me! Thanks!


    • You can play both routes but you have to start all over again after getting one ending from the choose a character screen. You also need to complete all the endings for all the characters to get 100%.


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