Plot Summary: The MC chooses Kikyo as her companion. Kikyo is overjoyed since being chosen by the MC is one of the requirements his father gave him in order for him to be named the next chieftain of the Autumn Village. As she gets to spend more and more time with Kikyo, her feelings for him grow stronger. Purifying the symbols begins taking a toll on the MC’s body, and she discovers that what she though was a prophecy is actually a curse

What I think of him: Kikyo is Goyo’s descendant; and as befitting the descendant of a foreign prince (although maybe not this particular foreign prince) he’s a little uptight and snobbish. He, like the rest of the Autumn Village, was born without special abilities, and because of that and admiration, he decided to become a samurai instead of a ninja. Kikyo is extremely hardworking and is always trying to overcome his disadvantage of not having powers. He has been working to become the next chief of the Autumn Village and he has always been envious of Kaito, who he sees as having everything he lacks. At times his judgement can get clouded by everything that burdens him

Charm point: He inherited Goyo’s sexy beauty mark

Quote: “I always took it for granted that I could be with you before, but… Now I have realized… that every time I spend with you is a special occasion.

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Be supported by him, whether a piggyback or a cuddle

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments:

  • The piggyback ride
  • The hotsprings
  • Kikyo comforting the MC in the Winter Village kitchen, and that he does so without pressuring her for information
  • Even though it was obvious, I like the Snake God’s reason for rejecting Kikyo
  • Kikyo and Kaito talking and bonding while fighting
  • Everyone’s reaction to Kikyo stopping their squabbling

Worst moments:

  • The cliche and boring scene of the MC saying goodbye to everyone
  • Before Kikyo began fighting Rindoh, they were going back to see the Snake God to ask him to lift the curse, but after the fight they forget about it and have to have the realization that “oh my gosh we can just ask the Silver Snake!”

Worth the price of admission?: Goyo was such a different character in the first Destiny Ninja, and it’s a little disappointing that Kikyo doesn’t really have much ties to him. I guess you could argue that Goyo was super hardworking since he became a ninja in such a short time, but Goyo was pretty easygoing and a bit of a flirt. They did such interesting with Hyosuke and Shiroya that maybe I just got my hopes up.

Moving on to Kikyo and his route independent from his ancestor, I think this route does a good job of showing why Kikyo behaves the way he does. Kikyo himself is a very fleshed out character, and if he sounds like someone you’d enjoy pursuing you’ll probably enjoy this route; otherwise you’ll probably find it uninteresting

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: (won from the fortune slip unlocked after finishing the Happy Ending) The MC decides to stay with Kikyo after the two of them return from the Field of Resurrection Lilies. When Kikyo begins getting heated the MC distracts him by asking to go to see the fireflies. Kikyo getting hot is very enjoyable and if you liked Kikyo then this is a must read

Notable substories: Haven’t read one yet

Recommended routes:


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