Theo Garmaldi


Plot Summary: The man behind the MC is Theo. Theo is forceful and opinionated, but the MC can’t help but feel like what Theo says isn’t the same as what’s underneath. When Camille gets the MC a job arranging flowers at the palace, the MC gets to know Theo little by little. But when he tells her he wants her to be his, she has to wonder if he’s actually been paying attention to her and to their situation at all

What I think of him: Theo is opinionated and a little rough around the edges. Sometimes he acts in ways that none of the other princes would dream of (like humiliating a duchess at the charity ball). Theo’s a little bit like a wild animal in that when he sees something he wants, he goes for it. He acts and talks tough, but there is kindness and gentleness hidden deep down. He’s the only prince that doesn’t live in the palace and he’s had to fight hard for his position since his princess mother married his father, her bodyguard. If wining is an option, he strives hard for it, in gambling, soccer, and the struggle for the crown. He probably identifies most strongly with the people who have been hurt by the hidden corruption in the government. He sponsors soccer schools and athletic programs for kids around the world

Nickname: Prince Blessed by the Goddess of Victory

Charm point: He freely acts like a spoiled kid in private

Quote: “It would be a lie if I didn’t say I bragged about you. My princess is the number one rose in the world.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Be pushed down, he’s described as wild for a reason

Would have eloped with:

  • Charles, because he enjoys taunting Theo but genuinely likes him

Favorite moments:

  • When Theo says that the MC reminds him of a Matryoshka and the MC is like “what the heck”
  • Theo getting angry on the MC’s behalf
  • Theo getting pouty when Charles bringing the MC to the casino
  • The MC trouncing everyone at roulette and getting complete smashed
  • Theo “quitting” trying to oppose the MC when she is trying to care for him
  • Theo playing with kids
  • The MC running into Theo’s arms at the coronation (Affection Route)
  • The Attraction Route, there are just so many good things and it is hands down the better of the paths

Worst moments:

  • The MC backs away from a relationship with Theo because she thinks that he isn’t really considering their positions, but she changes her mind after a while even though she doesn’t resolve this (she acts like it was resolve, but then keeps bringing it up as a problem)
  • Additionally, she acts like she’s the only one thinking about their difference in status just after Theo tells her how he was affected by his parent’s difference in status
  • During the scandal when Theo is trying his best to fix things, the MC snaps at Camille and then runs off to go on a marriage interview
  • The PoV chapters were a waste of time. For the most part they repeated word for word what was said in the MC’s PoV

Worth the price of admission?: Usually whenever I’m looking forward to a specific guy before he’s release I end up disappointed, in either him or in the route. This was not the case this time; I picked out Theo as a possible favorite when the trailer was released, and after completing his route, I’m still in love. Actually, Theo might even tie Tomoyuki (from Seal of Lycoris) as my favorite Koyonplete guy. I found Theo to be both adorable and good at getting my heart pounding. Although he was offscreen a lot and the MC frustrated me at time, in general I enjoyed the route and the branching stories were very different but worth a read (the Affection Route involves the paparazzi and is a little cliche but not bad, but I love the Attraction Route). Theo definitely made me feel like I was going to be able to get my money’s worth buying the Gold Pass, but even if you don’t want to spend so much (this game is expensive for a mobile game) I still think it’s worth reading for free, although it might take a long while

Recommended routes:


8 thoughts on “Theo Garmaldi

  1. I got the affection route for Theo, even though most of my answers were of the attraction route >< I was actually hoping for the attraction route because you mentioned it was the better route. Haha.


  2. I got the affection route even though most of my answers were directed towards the attraction route. A little bit disappointed as you mentioned that the attraction route is best for Theo. Haha!


    • I don’t think they show until I approve the comments so no worries 🙂

      Even though I liked the Attraction Route best, Theo’s Affection Route was good too (and Theo ended up being my favorite for this game). I would just say that you were saving the best for last 😉

      The answers on my walkthrough, if that’s what you were following, are based on how I got to the endings and not really on what gets you the maximum affection/attraction points.


      • Thank you so much for your sincere reply! Turns out that the affection route wasn’t that bad after all! I actually loved it and I actually smiled and blushed a lot towards the last few chapters of his story, initially I was actually crying while I read his story as it felt so moving! Theo is also my favourite for this game as his story is very different and overwhelming, not in a bad way though! 🙂


      • Theo’s routes do feel different from Philippe and Charles’ (and pretty much every prince route I’ve read), probably because of the focus on his athletics.

        Tangentially, in an undergrad literature classes, I remember my professor was talking about how Beowulf failed to transition as from a hero into a king which doomed his people. I think that Theo’s route shows how Theo manages to make that very shift.


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