Philippe Garmaldi


Plot Summary: Philippe is the prince behind the MC, asking for her rose. The MC tries to refuse since she doesn’t know how to dance, but Philippe maneuvers her into dancing with him. The MC is ready to accept her one dance with Philippe as a dream-like experience, but Camille first gets her to spend the night at the palace and then gets her a job there.

What I think of him: Philippe is a very straight forward guy; he tends to be very upfront about his opinions and what his course of action, Despite his profile I wouldn’t say that he’s tsundere, since I find him to be very honest about his feelings. He is also opinionated and set in his ways; the later of which is probably due to no one standing up to him to voice their own opinions. Of him, Lady Tiffany says, “he’s stubborn and will never back down, if he can help it”. Philippe seems to carry out his princely duties alone and without effort, but secretly he is actually working extremely hard. He might be hard on others but he is hardest on himself, and won’t forgive himself if he fails at something. He has one secret about himself that I found to be great and I won’t spoil it for you

Nickname: None

Charm point: He want to be everything for the MC

Quote: “Honestly, you’ve had me wrapped around your little finger from the day we met.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, in this life time and every one after

Would have eloped with:

  • Charles, because he’s always there to talk when it’s needed

Favorite moments:

  • Philippe awkwardly complimenting the MC’s flower arrangements
  • The problem of Philippe’s picky eating
  • Searching for Ann after the ball
  • Tiffany is such a nice person… (and she could have been a complete witch, as her kind of character typically is)
  • Philippe being the first to say he’ll miss the MC and that he loves her
  • Philippe exposing his “weakness” to the MC
  • Philippe trying to subtly trying to get date spot advice from Jean
  • 999 roses in the Attraction Route
  • The Epilogue was sweet

Worst moments:

  • In Philippe’s first PoV chapter (with the hamburger steak), they use Jean’s sprite instead of Philippe’s
  • Philippe admit he’s in love with the MC before going to Spain, but after he’s back he realizes that the emotions he feels for her are love. How does that even work?
  • Just after promising to stay by Philippe’s side, she gets a job offer and is all conflicted over taking it. To make things worse, since she’s indecisive, she basically tries to dump the decision on Philippe.

Worth the price of admission?: Philippe was the guy I was looking forward to the least out of the three initial releases, and it was partly because I conflated him with Luca (my bad). I was actually pleasantly surprised by this route. Sure there were cliches left and right (paparazzi and a fiance), but after the first couple of chapters I found Philippe to be a really interesting character. Not only does he have a certain trait that I’m not spoiling, but he is so very honest and upfront which I wasn’t expecting. He treasures the MC so very much and it is refreshing to see how willing he is to be changed by her after a while

Recommended routes:


2 thoughts on “Philippe Garmaldi

  1. Don’t really like this guy… one moment he’s all passionate and stuff.. the next moment he’s pushing me away and rejecting me. Or maybe I was too quick to judge..


    • I think you made a fair assessment since Philippe does run pretty hot and cold for a good part of the route. I tend to be pretty good about hanging in to the good parts so my tolerance for this kind of behavior is probably higher than it should be truth be told.


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