Ron Muroboshi


Plot Summary: Because she wants to be left alone Nanami chooses Ron as her partner. She figures that someone who can’t even remember her name won’t be interested in digging into her past. Instead she finds Ron to be an infuriating partner, whom she can never get the best of. And when she alludes to her powers and taking something precious to him, she stirs Ron’s curiosity in the most unfortunate of ways

What I think of him: Ron is the eldest aboard the ship. No one knows much about him because he spends most of his time sleeping or just being not helpful in gerneal. He has a hard time remembering people and their names. He is able to identify things that others don’t want probed and has a bad habbit of saying things and asking questions that attack those weak spots. Heishi says that he doesn’t sense any ill intent from Ron; but once she gets to know him, Nanami describes Ron as coercive, arrogant, and selfish. Ron has his moral code and own way of thinking of things, and there’s really no way for anyone to convince him to change his stance on something

Nickname: None

Charm point: He thinks of them as Lovers

Quote: “I can finally… just choose you.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Get pushed down, constantly, because the man’s a beast

Would have eloped with:

  • Itsuki, almost purely because of the Tragic Love Ending

Favorite moments:

  • Nanami’s reaction to Ron asking if he can hold her hand in town
  • When Ron pulls Nanami under the sheets
  • Nanami kicking Ron and blaming the Hiyoko
  • Nanami telling Ron to stop and that she doesn’t want him to dirty his hands anymore
  • I don’t like everything he did to get to that point, but he decision is kind of great (Ron’s always thinking outside the box)

Worst moments:

  • I love Heishi, but he was kind of irritating this time around, Additionally, I thought Heishi’s conviction that Ron had no ill intent would be explained this time around, but it wasn’t 😦
  • If Ron and co. have bullets that can steal esper powers, then they don’t they use them more

Worth the price of admission?: It was an interesting route and it keep me reading, but I really don’t think I’d call this “love” (I agree with what Itsuki says in the Tragic Love Ending)

Ending Notes: Ron has three endings: Happy, Bad, and Tragic Love. The Happy Ending is easy, just make the choices that give you the red affection-up symbol. Getting the other two endings can be tricky so I’d advise taking a look at Annette’s walk through for Ron’s route.

Short Story: Since Ron has been causing problems for everyone with his laziness Kakeru decides that he must help anyone with their requests for a day. And since Nanami is his partner, she must share his punishment. Nanami seriously tries to help out, but Ron doesn’t seem to be interested in doing anything more than the nothing he already does.

Since Nanami and Ron have a rocky relationship this story is neither cute nor sweet. It kind of fun to see how bad Ron is at being helpful, but whether he is even trying is questionable

Recommended routes:


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