Toya Masamune


Plot Summary: Koharu chooses Toya as her partners. Unfortunately Toya is so busy between his duties as an intermediary with The World and with keeping the peace between the ship’s passengers that he rarely has time to spend with Koharu. Koharu begins to worry that he’s overworking herself, but in trying to help him out she seems to only be adding to his worries

What I think of him: Toya is hardworking and dutiful. He is very book smart, but can be rather simple minded. He is one of the three adults on the ship (older than 19), and he’s really the only one who acts like it. He tends to get involved with everyone’s problems (or have them dumped on him), and between that and being the contact with The World, Toya is always busy, but while he might occasionally grumble about all the work the others make for him, he doesn’t seem to have any intention of refusing to help. Sorata says that Toya is like an old man in a young guy’s body. Sometimes (and this is my own impression) he feels like there is something evil inside him

Nickname: None

Charm point: His pervert lurks just beneath the surface

Quote: “I swear I’ll keep you safe. I won’t let anyone take you away again.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Re-engerize him

Would have eloped with:

  • Sakuya, because dammit, Sakuya

Favorite moments:

  • Koharu walking in on Itsuki, Kakeru, and Heishi bathing
  • Toya convincing Koharu not to breakup their partnership
  • Nanami’s traveling salesman analogy
  • Toya’s warning about Itsuki and Koharu following his advice
  • What happens after Koharu follows Toya up to the rooftop when he has her cookies, and then Sakuya lecturing Toya because of it
  • Koharu telling Toya her real feels in the fairy tale dream
  • Setsu is hilarious in the city and in the Happy Ending

Worst moments:

  • I’m not convinced that Toya would have waited so long to rescue Koharu. He should have done it sooner or I would have liked to see him agonize over the decision more
  • Toya uses his powers at least once but it is never talked about or explained in this route (from other routes, how Nanami’s power works, and Toya’s gloves, I have a pretty good idea, but confirmation is always nice)
  • The Tragic Love Ending doesn’t feel like an ending. At the point at which it ends I still think that they could turn the situation around

Worth the price of admission?: Toya and Koharu are cute together; they do the innocent girl and guy who’s restraining himself well. This is also the first route I played in the game where The World and the Reset were actually important to the romantic plot (I played this after everyone but Natsuhiko and Ron). I wasn’t looking forward to this route, but I was pleasantly surprised to find Toya a more interesting character than I thought (and I actually didn’t believe Senri’s claims that Toya was a hidden pervert)

Short Story: Toya is super busy and Koharu wants to help him relax. She goes around to a bunch of the guys on the ship and asks them how they relax (in ways that don’t involve sweets). She tries their suggestions out on Toya, but is able to achieve satisfactory results.

This is cute, but doesn’t really provide anything new/that we didn’t get from the route itself. The upside is that you get to see Toya eating more cookies, the results of which I always find funny

End Notes: You can get the Bad Ending (with CG) by insisting on going into Ron’s room in Chapter Four (it’s a series of questions asking if you’re sure you want to go). If you ask Heishi to help you with the baking in Chapter Three you get a Bad Ending (which Kakeru calls the “Harem Ending”. I don’t think this actually works considering everyone’s powers and there’s no CG but it’s as close to H as this game gets), You can get the Tragic Love Ending by reaching the end of the route with low affection

Recommended routes:


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