Natsuhiko Azuma


Plot Summary: Mikoto chooses to investigate alone, although Sorata seeems intent on following her around everywhere. The more she and Sorata try to find out about the mysterious attacker she met on the roof and about the traitor, the more questions they discover. But just when it seems like she has made a big discovery, the traitor pushes Mikoto out of the ship

What I think of him: Natsuhiko is stern and cool. He is steadfast in his determination to stop the reset and will go to nearly any lengths to reach his goal. Natsuhiko grew up on Aion’s island and because the disagreed with the reset and ran away, he is considered by them to be a traitor. He is not an esper but is scientifically and mechanically inclined. He designed and built all of the weapons used by his team and his ship are the fastest in the world. But his dream is to travel into space and he loves astronomy. Even though he is full of harsh words and Setsu calls him a sadist, he actually has a very kind and awkward side.

Nickname: None

Charm point: The white Hiyoko

Quote: “The only one you ever need care about is me… What’s wrong with that? You’re all I have.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Hug, because it is the easiest way to get those feelings across

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments:

  • Mikoto’s Natsuhiko-the-Sadist delusions are funny
  • Natsuhiko actually calling Mikoto on her blind faith and refusal to accept other’s ideas
  • Love Setsu
  • Natsuhiko’s hiyoko plot was adorable
  • Mikoto hiding from Ron behind Natsuhiko, and Natsuhiko misunderstanding

Worst moments:

  • Mikoto isn’t so bad later in the route but the beginning was rough for me since she was going full on with all the character traits I hate most about her
  • Mikoto bursts into tears several times. I wouldn’t mind normally, it is something I could see her doing, but she doesn’t do it in her other routes (unless someone/she is hurt)

Worth the price of admission?: Natsuhiko is probably one of the most popular guys from this game and I can see why; Natsuhiko’s got a great mix of cool and hidden adorableness, and as a plus he’s one of the few guys that knows what’s going on so you aren’t left with too many questions at the end of his route. I was dragging my feet on this one since it was a Mikoto route and I just can’t brng myself to like her, but she wasn’t too bad later in the route (super annoying for me in the beginning though). I sort of wished that I could get Natsuhiko from Koharu or Nanami, but even I, with my Mikoto prejudice, have to admit that she’s probably the best fit for him out of the girls (at least in a way that will get both parties to a happy ending)

Short Story: Natsuhiko is busy building a weapon to defeat Shirou and Mikoto is worried that he isn’t getting enough food and rest. She decides that she’s going to cook his favorite food for him, but in order to find out what she should cook she must first make a deal with Setsu and then somehow complete her cooking without Natsuhiko finding out. Luckily the white Hiyoko is there to help her out.

This is cute. Mikoto is trying her hardest to get things done while keeping her secret, and Natsuhiko is still hiding behind the white Hiyoko

Ending Notes: I *think* you must choose to give Ron the drawing in the second chapter to get the Happy Ending. For the Tragic Love Ending you should get to the end of the route with low affection

Recommended routes:


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