Senri Ichinose


Plot Summary: Koharu chooses Senri as her partner, but Senri manages to maintain the wall between them. Unfortunately Kakeru and Heishi seem to have made it their mission to torment him by dragging him around everywhere. Koharu gets her first chance to get close to the shut-in when she notices how worn down Senri has gotten from the enforced play time. Senri is determined not to get close to anyone, but slowly Koharu manages to learn more about him and close the distance between them

What I think of him: Senri is cowardly and an extreme introvert. He has a long list of dislikes which includes: people, most foods, hard work, being out of his room, and especially Kakeru. He’s got a negative view of the world and of the mission of The World. Although he is very timid and frequently hides behind his door or Toya, he has a sharp tongue that is always ready to voice his negative opinions. He doesn’t like people because he feels that they have expectations that will always result in disappointment. His hobby seems to be placing hexes/curses (mostly Kakeru)

Nickname: None

Charm point: The way he rambles when he’s embarrassed

Quote: “I cast that curse on you. The one that says you can’t ever leave me. That curse works on both people. I can’t ever leave you again, either.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Lay together in bed, because it’s warm

Would have eloped with:

  • Akito, because it would have worked and he had some good moments

Favorite moments:

  • The drama of Senri’s door
  • Senri giving up and helping out Koharu while Kakeru and Toya are unable to work
  • Koharu trying to explain fairy tales to Mikoto and Nanami, and the dream sequence in general
  • Senri’s confession
  • Senri utilizing his sass abilities on Natsuhiko, and Senri’s sass in general

Worst moments:

  • I was extremely frustrated by Koharu’s stupidness in deciding to work for Shirou. Or more exactly, her continued belief that Shirou is a good guy while witnessing the terrible things he’s doing

Worth the price of admission?: Senri’s route is very interesting and the resolution Senri and the MC come to at the end regarding their powers is pretty different, or at least it’s different because of how Senri frames it. Senri is super adorable in his own way and I just have the urge to squeeze him. There are so many things left out in this route. For example, that “mistreated by adults in the past” line on his route selection page? It isn’t even hinted at in the route. Regardless, I stil have affection for Senri and his route

This is probably the best introductory route for a couple of different reason that would be too spoilery to talk about

Ending Notes: Finish with low affection for the Tragic Love Ending

Short Story: Koharu is determined to learn how to swim and surprise Senri with her skill. She reads a book and gets advice from several of the guys on swimming, all while trying to keep what she’s doing secret from Senri. But Senri has noticed the way she’s avoiding him and his jealousy is burning after he keeps seeing her having fun with other guys.

Senri and Koharu are sickeningly adorable still, and the other guys provided great laughs. I was disappointed that Koharu didn’t get to wear a swimsuit, but Senri’s reaction to just seeing the suit (without her in it) was hilarious

Recommended routes:


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