Sakuya Nijo


Plot Summary: Mikoto chooses Sakuya, her childhood friend as her partner. They haven’t seen each other for a while before being reunited on the ship but the two of them are bound by a promise. The promise serves to keep Sakuya distant from others, but since it was made ten years ago it also seems to have strangled their relationship to the point that they don’t even speak when they are alone. The purpose of the promise was to protect Sakuya, but what will Mikoto do when it seems to be her who is putting Sakuya in danger. What can she do when it looks like Sakuya is thinking of breaking his promise

What I think of him: Sakuya is a gentle guy who is a little delicate. It has been noted that he tends to act differently when he’s around his childhood friend, Mikoto. When she’s around he is very kind, friendly, and princely, which suits his status as a child of a wealthy family. When Mikoto isn’t around, Sakuya can be cold and disinterested. Even though he tends not to get too involved in the others, he is always observing everyone. His health was very fragile as a child, and he was frequently being protected by Mikoto. He has very little control over his power and never tries to use it of his freewill. His hobby is fortunetelling, although them seem to always be wrong, and he frequently give cryptic advice

Charm point: Single-minded devotion

Quote: “Someday, I’m going to protect the girl I love the most. I’ll protect her.. even though it kills me.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Be pushed down, because after ten years he’s at his breaking point

Would have eloped with:

  • Itsuki, the dream gosh darn-it

Favorite moments:

  • The language Mikoto uses when talking about the promise is beautiful (that it could be called a secret, a vow, a wall, or shackles)
  • Sakuya trying to hand feed Mikoto
  • The conversation in the “forest”
  • Sakuya finding Mikoto
  • Sakuya revealing his power to everyone and Mikoto trying to protect him so he didn’t have to
  • Kakeru’s scheming and how Koharu shuts him down with a look
  • The fairy tale dream T-T
  • Operation Sakuya’s Great Escape meeting

Worst moments:

  • Mikoto frustrates me, especailly with how frequently she thinks she knows best or that she is the only one who can protect everyone
  • Hated the Happy Ending

Worth the price of admission?: I disliked this route. To be sure there are beautiful moments, but I found Mikoto to be an extremely frustrating character. And while I did like Sakuya – he tiptoes the yandere line in a very good way – I felt like he reinforced Mikoto’s worst traits rather than helping her to become a better person. Also the Happy Ending was terrible and felt more like a Normal Ending than anything else

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

Ending Notes: You can get the Bad Ending by choosing to “Press the candy issue” in Chapter Three

Short Story: Mikoto is determined to become an elegant lady who will match well with Sakuya. But no matter what she does Sakuya and/or one of the other guys fulfill the task better than she can.

It was pretty funny seeing how great the guys were at “girly” things, but it still didn’t get me to like Mikoto or even convince me more that Sakuya and Mikoto should be together

Recommended routes:


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