Kakeru Yugia


Plot Summary: Koharu chooses Kakeru as her partner, and even though he spends a lot of his time teasing her in an attempt to get a reaction, he also teaches her a lot. Even though they are spending so much time together, Koharu can’t help but feel that she isn’t seeing the all of him, but she’s determined to get closer to him

What I think of him: Kakeru is cheerful, usually seen with a smile on his face, and he is also very capable. He is cunning. with an uncanny ability to charm and maneuver others into doing as he pleases. He is one of the few espers who have allowed their powers to be known, and his ability to create and manipulate plant life has provided much of the food the espers eat. He frequently does things to get a rise from others and has mastered the ability of threatening others with a smile. Nanami says that he is best summarized by the phrase “whatever is best for me.”

Nickname: Poison Apple (not really, but it was interesting)

Charm point: Koharu has the ability to just throw him off and embarrass him when he is trying to tease her

Quote: “I want to stay with you. I want to stay so close that even this hug isn’t close enough.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kisses, many of them in the library

Would have eloped with:

  • Itsuki, because he had some good advice when he tried to help Koharu out
  • Akito, because he was just a great friend

Favorite moments:

  • Kakeru warning Koharu about liars
  • Koharu saying Kakeru could take a bath with the girls
  • Strawberry plant drama (and Kakeru’s jealousy towards it)
  • Koharu speaking with Kakeru in the dream
  • The library scene
  • Kakeru comforting Koharu about her power

Worst moments:

  • There is important information missing about who exactly Kakeru is supposed to be

Worth the price of admission?: Kakeru sort of feels like the ultimate choice for Koharu. Their interactions are awesome and as a couple they are just too cute/good together, and they’re my favorite pair to see in other routes. Again there is a big detail left unresolved, and maybe because of this the Happy Ending came across as very bitter sweet to me, like a certain bad event was going to happen in the near future. I’m curious if anyone else got that same vibe

Note on Endings: You get the Tragic Love Ending by having low affection at the end of the route and the Bad Ending by selecting “Cheer Up” in Chapter Five

Short Story: While on a trip into a town, Koharu overhears some children talking about how four-leaf clovers can secure a person’s happiness. Having seen many clovers aboard the ship, Koharu is determined to find four-leaf clovers for everyone. But days of searching yield nothing and as she grows more desperate, Kakeru steps in to help her

This had some sweetness on Kakeru’s part. It was especially nice that he didn’t just create a four-leaf clover in the end

Recommended routes:


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