Itsuki Kagami


Plot Summary: Because Itsuki is way more suspicions that Sakuya, Mikoto chooses him as her partner. They fight like cats and dog, but somehow Itsuki just has a way of getting past the walls she erects around herself. But even though he is always teasing her, Itsuki seems determined to push Mikoto together with Sakuya

What I think of him: Itsuki is lazy, frivolous, and a huge flirt. He spends his time doing what pleases him and although it seems like he get dragged around a lot because of his complaints, he actually has a reason for nearly everything he does. He has an unconventional way of thinking and is good at concealing his thoughts; although the way he acts leads many to think he isn’t really thinking at all. He is close to Heishi and Nanami, and he has the same dream as Heishi: to have a happy family. Itsuki wants everyone to be happy and he thinks that love is necessary for happiness. His ability involves dreams and though he didn’t reveal his power before Nanami boarded the ship, he isn’t particularly secretive about it. He is one of the few espers who have a positive opinion of their power. He grew up in the Red Light District and as a pretty negative opinion of wealthy people who he perceives as having an easy life. Of himself he says, “90% of my life is following my desires, and the other 0% is rapidly justifying myself.”

Nickname: Pervert

Charm point: When it comes to teasing, he can’t take as good as he gives

Quote: “Being with you is worth leaving the rest of my life behind. So… Please, be mine… Forever…”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Hold hands, in bed

Would have eloped with:

  • Sakuya, because I felt so bad for him, even though they really downplayed his feelings for Mikoto (compared to what I was expecting)

Favorite moments:

  • The first time Itsuki gets upset and manages his first crack in Mikoto’s walls
  • Itsuki asking Mikoto to let him protect her
  • Mikoto is pretty awesome in the fairy tale dream (probably the first time I actually liked her) and the ending of the dream is pretty funny
  • Letters and the library scene
  • Mikoto finally going into Itsuki’s room, seeing Itsuki’s true feelings, and afterwards
  • The conversation Itsuki and Mikoto had while traveling through the forest
  • The Tragic Love Ending hurt me so much…

Worst moments:

  • Did Nanami switch partners from Heishi to Akito somewhere in the middle?
  • I get that Mikoto was relieved, but she forgave Itsuki for his grand deception way to easily
  • I’m not sure how “Happy Ending” the Happy Ending is because Itsuki is basically keeping a huge secret from Mikoto

Worth the price of admission?: This route really addressed all the issues I had with Sakuya’s route (which is why I recommend reading this directly after that). Unlike Sakuya, Itsuki not only knows Mikoto’s faults and he prods and pokes at them and causes her to change. In the route itself, Sakuya basically admits that Itsuki is able to do this, unlike himself. I was really looking forward to Itsuki’s route and, even though Mikoto is my least favorite of the MCs, I did enjoy this route. It even made me like Mikoto a little more than I initially did

Notes on Endings: You can get the Tragic Love Ending by failing to choose the correct answers multiple times when asked to remember in Chapter Seven and then choosing “Give up Reality”, or you can reach the end with love affection

Short Story: Mikoto has to run into town to get some supplies and Itsuki corners her into taking him instead of Sakuya. Itsuki keeps spouting of “date” “date”, but Mikoto refuses to think of it as one even if her heart is beating faster and she can’t get Itsuki off her mind.

This was cute, and I always love outfit changes, Itsuki is just so sweet and in love, and Mikoto is not really all there for most of the story, but she does show some adorable honesty

Recommended routes:


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