Heishi Otomaru


Plot Summary: Since Heishi knows and accepts her powers, Nanami him as her partner. Nanami isn’t very good at interacting with people, and even though she spends a lot of her with Heishi and Itsuki, she wouldn’t consider them friends. But there is just something about Heishi that seems to break down all of her barriers and makes her want to learn how to get closer to him. But Nanami has a terrible ability to erase the memories of others, and this very power may force her and Heishi to separate forever

What I think of him: Heishi is loud and simple minded. He is frequently though of as the idiot of the group and has his own special way of thinking. He tends to say what he thinks as it occurs to him and generally without filtering. He is open about his ability as a telepathy and he can’t help but emit his emotions, meaning that his moods affect the entire ship. Fortunately he is aware of this and tries his best to remain cheerful and positive. That is not to say that he doesn’t experience darker emotions, but he does his best to keep a lid on them. He is very trusting and would rather be betrayed than hurt someone with suspicion

Nickname: None

Charm point: His dream is to have a happy family

Quote: “You wanna see the same dream as me?”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Be together on the roof where he can display his special skill

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments:

  • Kakeru’s ghost story and the scary maze
  • Nanami managing to get her feeling of worry across to Heishi and his flute playing
  • Heishi showing Nanami what “like” means
  • The speech Kakeru gives Nanami to say to Toya
  • Heishi’s confession and Nanami using her power on him
  • Heishi’s second confession and Nanami’s lie
  • The boys playing in the water (*drools*)
  • The Happy Ending was sweet

Worst moments:

  • This route had some minor differences from the routes I played before it (Senri, Kakeru, and Sakuya) which distracted me. Most notable was not announcing the pairs after choosing the route and having the ending video before the ending
  • Why did Natushiko and Ron just let Nanami go?
  • Akito was a jerk for most of the route and Ron was a huge jerk in general

Worth the price of admission?: I really enjoyed this route and the dynamics in the relationship between Nanami and Heishi were great. Not only were they both affecting each other, but Heishi’s personality and ability really complimented Nanami’s character. In generally I reacted to Heishi in much the same manner as Akito, I though of him as just too adorable to deny. Plus he was an all around nice guy which I cannot say for the other guys, all of whom have dark bits

Note: To get Heishi’s Tragic Love Ending, you should choose to run away with him in Chapter Seven

Short Story: While preparing for the scary maze, Nanami decides that she wants to do something to make Heishi happy because of everything he has done for her. However her preoccupation has Heishi so worried that he seems to be bent on another of his harebrained schemes.

This takes place before Nanami and Heishi get together, but their emotions are so obvious and it is pretty cute. Plus it’s always fun to see what Heishi is up to

Recommended routes:


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