Akito Shukuri


Plot Summary: Because she knows Akito’s secret, Nanami chooses him as his partner. She thinks that it is likely that Akito is the traitor, especially when she sees him speaking with a strange man on the rooftop. But Nanami’s intent isn’t to turn him over as a traitor, because she knows that if he is out for revenge, then it is probably her fault; because she stole something precious from him

What I think of him: Akito looks and tends to act like a delinquent. He’s pretty rough around the edges and his words tend to be harsh and intimidating. Akito is the only person who is really outspoken about how much he doesn’t trust The World and its motive for gathering them. He adheres to a rigorous schedule that includes working out every day. He is probably the most physical of all those aboard the ship, and gets along best with Kakeru and Sakuya. He also happens to be a very kind person, although he has a hard time vocalizing his true feelings. He happens to be be terrified of Hiyokos, and is the best chef on the ship

Nickname: A-chan (as per Itsuki)

Charm point: He gets embarrassed easily

Quote: “I’m also glad… that I’m the one who was able to give you happiness too. I’m gonna make up for all those times I didn’t tell you I loved you. I’ll say it anytime you want now.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, because he once he gets started he is a kiss monster

Would have eloped with:

  • Heishi, because he is so worried for Nanami and he is always trying to watch out for her
  • Sakuya, because even though he says he’s cold in his route, he is super nice to Nanami even when Mikoto isn’t around

Favorite moments:

  • Nanami stalking Akito
  • When Nanami confronts Akito on the rooftop
  • Kakeru’s handcuff plot
  • Nanami assaulting Akito in the dream
  • Itsuki’s just great in this one
  • Akito trying to compliment Nanami
  • The scene after Akito revitalizes the spring

Worst moments:

  • The endings (Normal, Happy, and Tragic Love) feel really rushed and thrown together

Worth the price of admission?: This is an excellent route. Not only is the development of Nanami, Akito, and their relationship good, but most of the other characters really shine as well. Heishi’s route had the vibe of “the past is done, look t the future”, but in Akito’s route Nanami’s trauma gets resolved.

Not only Nanami’s past, but this route really fills you in on a lot of information that was missing in previous routes, such as: Senri’s being mistreated as a child, why Kakeru toys with Senri so much, Kakeru’s backstory, how Itsuki knows certain information, why Nanami hates her power, and why Akito hates Nanami. Additionally, this route felt like it read my mind because by this point I was beginning to dislike Toya because of his thing with The World, but he had a little dialogue that addressed my growing feelings of him being a manipulative jerk and reset me back to neutral for him

Ending Notes: Choosing to erase Senri’s memories in Chapter Six and ending with high affection will get you the Normal Ending

Short Story: Nanami and Akito are visiting a town again. Akito insists on getting her a gift, but when she’s trying to choose between desserts a rude rich lady cuts them off and buy out the shop. After that Akito is acting a little strangely and keeps sending Nanami away.

This had a couple laughs and a lot of adorableness on Akito’s part

Recommended routes:


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