Cao Zihuan


Plot Summary: The MC finds herself in bustling ancient Chinese city. A guardsman takes pity on her and takes her in, but when she accidentally reveals some of her knowledge of future events, she is taken to the palace by the Overlord of Wei, Cao Cao. Cao Cao names the MC as his consort and gives her the title Princess Foresight. He uses what little knowledge she remembers and her spreading reputation in his military ventures, dragging her along to battlefields. To protect her, he assigns her a bodyguard, Ming. Ming is cold and one of the first things he tells the MC is to not get in his way since he plans to assassinate Cao Cao

What I think of him: Zihuan is cold and unfriendly. Even though he’s supposed to be the MC’s bodyguard, he sees her as a nuisance and a means to his end. He doesn’t usually speak, but when he does his words are harsh and blunt. He is a great swordsman, merciless, and is disgusted by people who are powerless. Still, he doesn’t enjoy war. His mistrustful of others and hates Cao Cao in particular

Nickname: (It’s more of an alias) Ming

Charm point: He has a sweet tooth

Quote: “I am no longer a child. So I say this… as a man. Stay with me. Now and forever, stay with me.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Promise, one that will eventually be fulfill

Would have eloped with: No one. The other love options only made brief cameos

Favorite moments:

  • Little Zi is adorable
  • When Zihuan is like “I guess I have to buy the dumplings since you’re insisting”, cute lol
  • Little Zi getting jealous of Zihuan and Zihuan’s commentary about it
  • Zihuan and Zijuan’s interactions after they make up
  • Cao Cao saying that he intended to let little ZI marry the MC when he grew up
  • Zihuan becoming an overlord in the Happy End

Worst moments:

  • The plot-twist is super obvious. They could have at least called his route Ming (like what Solmare did for Randy March’s route in Wizardess Hearts)
  • When the MC says she suspected Zijuan’s identity the whole time (did not you liar) when she should have been surprised
  • Zihuan claiming that he forgot about his feelings for the MC and just remember them

Worth the price of admission?: This route just okay. The best part was probably the promise to little Zi and the eventual fullfillment, which I found pretty sweet. But while there are some good moments most of this route is forgettable. If you like your quiet types colder and less unexpectedly cute, you might find more enjoyment in this route than I did

Recommended routes:


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