Plot Summary: Since the MC saw Natsume while he was on an assassination mission, Kinshiro decides that Natsume will watch other the MC. The MC is at first intimidated by Natsume’s blunt manners, but soon she sees that he’s just covering for his shyness and begins to find him cute. Around this time the MC encounters the foreigner William, who takes an interest in her and also seems to have a connection with Tori

What I think of him: Natsume is a guy who seems cold and uncaring at first, but is actually just masking his shyness with anger. He is definitely a tsundere. Natsume is a little childish and is definitely more inexperienced than the other ninja, so they tend to treat him as a little brother and subject him to merciless teasing (which probably aggravates his grumpiness). He is especially not used to deal with women. He is a writer who is gaining popularity and also runs a bookshop, an opportunity provided to him by Kinshiro. He works really hard on his writing and is frequently up all night with it when he doesn’t have vigilante work

Charm point: He blushes super easily

Quote: “I’ve never loved someone this much.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Hold hands, because he’ll do it in front of everyone even though he’s super embarrassed

Would have eloped with:

  • Ichika, because his competitiveness with Natsume is cute

Favorite moments:

  • All the guys teasing Natsume constantly
  • Natsume and Ichika arguing
  • Natsume comforting the MC in the alleyway
  • The MC and Natsume getting in an mini-argument when she says he looks good in his ninja gear
  • There are good parts in both parts in both the Happy and Sweet Endings

Worst moments:

  • Natsume’s backstory seemed kind of meh. I actually don’t think he would be in the vigilantes based on what he said and how he seems to feel about being a ninja
  • There are a couple times when all the character begin laughing. I’d let them get away with it once, but it happens at least three times

Worth the price of admission?: To be honest, even though I like Natsume as a charater and love interest, his route isn’t as good as most of the other route. The problem probably lies in a little time skip that happens after the MC goes to live with Natsume. After the time skip the MC is already used to Natsume’s personality and half in love with him, and missing out on those skipped over scenes took away from the experience as a whole. All that aside, Natsume’s route is still okay and worth a play after you’ve finished some of the other guys

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): None

Notable substories:

  • Unexpected Side of Him: The MC discovers that, despite what he says, Natsume likes cats. Basically this has Natsume playing with a kitten and acting all tsundere about it
  • Sweet Creepy Day: The MC learns about trick-or-treat and tries it on Natsume, hoping to catch him off guard. This is a cute one, with Natsume being a little clumsy
  • He Popped the Question: After seeing a bridal procession, Natsume is determined to make the MC the happiest bride by throwing her a lavish wedding. The MC is touched by his feelings but begins to feel lonely because Natsume is planning everything without consulting her. Natsume is pretty obnoxious in this at first but the third chapter and Happy Ending make this substory worth a read for Natsume fans
  • Love Overboard: This is the follow up to the “Love Goes Wrong” (yandere) substory, which I did not manage to get. Startled by Natsume’s change in attitude the MC considers what he could have meant by saying she is his. The reason for Natsume edging towards yandere was lame, but Natsume’s reactions to the MC questioning him and the MC’s clueless announcement in front of all the guys is super funny and worth it
  • Ninja Playing Ninja: Hotaka asks the vigilantes to put on a stage play. He strong-arms Natsume into writing the script and then announces that the MC will play the love interest to Aoi’s leading role. Not only does Natsume get to shine as an author in this one, but he also has lots of cute interactions with the MC and also with the other vigilantes

Recommended routes:


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