Yuma Akagi


Plot Summary: The MC chooses Yuma as her butler, but is surprised to find that his personality is a lot different from what she had previously witnessed. The MC wants to live her life normally and have as little to do with the butlers, especially Yuma, as possible. But when her father specifically designates Yuma to the MC’s service she finds herself leaning on him more and more. It’s forbidden for a butler and his mistress to having feelings for each other, but the MC can’t help but wonder what secrets the perfect butler is hiding

What I think of him: Yuma is the perfect bulter and is well aware of his value and fame. He is meticulous, a perfectionist, and has terribly high standards. He can be charming when he needs to be and doesn’t mind deceiving others so long as he can get what he wants. But in reality he is sarcastic and more than a little mean. He has sworn loyalty to the MC’s father. He has pride in his position as a butler and believes that being a butler is much more than simply obeying a master’s commands

Charm point: He is so loyal he would destroy himself if necessary

Quote: “After midnight, just being by your side isn’t going to cut it. The real me, the man, isn’t going to let you go.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Tea time, because he has though about every small detail and packed it with meaning

Would have eloped with:

  • Aoi, because he was nice and basically explained everything she needed to know to the MC at one point
  • Tomoki, because I though his 1% capable line was super funny

Favorite moments:

  • The suspicious way the MC regards Yuma when he starts acting as her butler
  • Resisting guys grades
  • The text at just the right moment was funny
  • Over enthusiastic butlers
  • Yuma taking care of the MC while she’s sick
  • Yuma rushing the MC off in the Seductive Ending

Worst moments:

  • Yuma is too mean. He really respects the MC’s father so how does he consider it okay to be so rude and cruel to Ichijou’s “beloved daughter”?
  • The MC missing Yuma meanness. I mean, what the heck?
  • The MC falls way to easily into Nakahima’s schemes
  • It feels like they tried to recreate the “Last Night” scene from Kyohei’s route, but they failed
  • Aoi basically has to say all the exposition for Yuma’s actions
  • Title drop in the route (thrice)
  • Suwano basically becomes Tanaka from Kuroshitsuji (I like Suwano, but I don’t forgive blatant rip-offs)

Worth the price of admission?: If you like high-handed, arrogant guys then here’s another one for your collection, I guess, although there would be others I’d recommend to you first. This isn’t really my type of guy, but I found Yuma to be even more disagreeable than I usually find these guys. Maybe it was that he was so threatening and insulting for the first half of the route. I’m not even sure why the MC feel for him, and it definitely didn’t win me over

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • In His Eyes: The Main Route from Yuma’s point-of-view. I found Yuma to be even more jerkish in the beginning of this, especially surrounding the event of him getting the MC to beg him to help set up the interview. The last chapter or two were solid, but it still failed to make me a fan. In particular, they keep trying to use this metaphor of Yuma being a shadow, but it really fails to work when he is so well known by everyone in the Main Route
  • Lovers After Hours: The MC feels like she and Yuma are still only butler and mistress. So on Suwano’s advice she decides to spend a day secretly stalking Yuma around the Ichijou mansion. I always find those “my girlfriend is a stalker” manga interesting (especially when the guys know the whole time) so this is great, especailly the MC’s notes. Plus there’s a scene with all the butlers talking, which is nice since we saw so little of all of them interacting during the Main Rroute. I enjoyed this Epilogue much more than I did the Main Route or his PoV route (although the CG is awkward)

Notable substories: None yet

Recommended routes:


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